Baby’s Asleep! Wait, No She’s Not.

My newest baby is 4-weeks-old now, and despite this being my 4th child, I’m still feeling pretty darn clueless about babies and sleep. I can’t tell if it’s my current sleep-deprived state that makes me forget how to do this, if it’s the colicky babe that leeches all memory or if it’s a combo of all of it. Why can’t I remember how to get my baby to sleep and how to help her stay that way? All tricks of the trade elude me.

I’m eating up all the first-time mom articles on Babble like they are chocolate. It’s hilarious to me, because — hello — so NOT a first time mom! But this article on infant sleep reminded me of so much. Reminds me that sleeping habits are up and down and upside down a LOT during the first year. That naps will be all over the place. That babies do eventually sleep through the night.

Each of my older three boys were so different with sleep, and my little girl is entirely her own person, so I know despite reading all the facts and info about infant sleep I’ll still be waiting each day/week/month to see what new changes there are in her habits. Right now our big struggle is being able to put her down during naps. A busy big family with a full-time working mom really REALLY needs to find a way to put down the baby when she’s asleep. I’m as attached as they come, but I can’t physically work with her on me. I so wish I could.

How are you and your baby doing with sleep? Do you have a routine down or are you still figuring it all out?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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