Baby Milestones, 1-6 months

wolf standing
Wolf like the feel of weight on his feet and started assisted standing at 5 weeks old!

Naturally, every new parent wants to know “when will my baby talk?” or “when will my baby walk?”  When Wolf was 1 month old, I became instantly interested in baby milestones.  It was like all of a sudden one day he went from that newborn haze to open eyes, ready to learn.  He was smiling at us, cooing at his mobile and beginning to hold his head up with more ease.  I found a chart at Baby Center.com that outlined what the “typical” milestones were for baby’s age because I wanted to follow along to see where Wolf stands.

Hop on through for the chart, plus the best smiling picture of Wolf yet!

My husband and I both started walking at 8 months.  Not to say we’re geniuses by any means, but I was wondering if that meant Wolf might excel when it came to baby milestones.  That being said, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but Wolf already stands a little ahead of the game!  At two months old, he smiles {no laughs yet but he’s so close!}, holds his head up really well and loves the feel of weight on his feet.  Sometimes when we’re practicing what we call “assisted standing” he gets fussy when we want to stop!  He’s also just begun noticing his feet and hands and obviously they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread.

And here’s my smiling boy.  MELT!!

wolf smiles

What about you.  Did you follow along with a baby milestones chart?  Where did your baby stand?

{chart from baby center, photos by me & my husband}

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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