Baby Milestones: Rolling Over & Chattering {Video}

Lil' Abner & her G-ma.

A few things. I’ve been writing about my breastfeeding troubles as of late, and not only a week ago Abby was in the 10th percentile for her age/height.


I came home from a business trip on Monday night, (still feels weird to say that, even though that’s what it is – even if it’s at an art sale & exhibit). So yes, I came home and bam. My baby girl had pudged up. Noticeably. And gained a few stones. Okay, maybe pebbles. But still. I could feel it immediately upon gathering her sweetness up into my arms for devouring.

I’m telling y’all this because if you’ve been following any of my posts lately, watching the video below could make you wonder where all of her tiny delicacy has gone. Sure, she is still wee because well, she’s a baby and all – and yes, she is still small boned, that will never change.

But she’s pudged up! And it happened so fast. In three days! How is that even possible? Not sure, but it happened. She had a mix of pumped milk and formula while I was gone, apparently guzzling it all up like a hungry little bear cub. Hello 4 month growth spurt. It was not like this with my 1st. Wyndham was slow and steady in his weight gain during his 1st year.

So. Onto more milestones. Rolling over and chattering, as well as the sweet discovery of her fingers. Oh how Abby loves to nom her fingers. Good lah, why is it that when we travelling work momma’s go away (dragging our heels), we come back and our babes have all but grown up? That’s not right. See for yourself!

What milestones are your baby slam-dunking way too fast for your liking?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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