Baby Names and Meanings: Does the Meaning of a Name Matter to You?

Henry and Violet

When we were choosing names for our children, I was solely concerned about the name – the meaning was a fun afterthought. Serge, though, bought a big book of baby names and was constantly looking up the meanings of names.

At one point I think he was really into a name – the actual name escapes me now – but it meant Godlike or supreme ruler or something like that. Me? I am more concerned with the actual name.

Someone once gave me the tip of standing at the backdoor and yelling the name followed by “it’s time for dinner.”

“Henry! It’s time for dinner!”

“Charlie! It’s time for dinner!”

“Oliver! It’s time for dinner!”

Those were our top three names. Although I shouted each one from our backdoor, I couldn’t tell you the meaning of any one of them, but I’m sure Serge could give a small dissertation on the meanings behind each one.

So my question to you today is: Do you care about the meaning of the name or are you mostly concerned with the name itself?  If you really liked a name but it meant something weird or bad, would you still name your child that?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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