10 Baby Products That Got Me Through the First Three Months

Just recently, I sat down with my sister-in-law, who is expecting her first child, to take a look at the baby registry list that a major baby store gives expectant parents. It had pages and pages of baby items, most of which I’ve never even used for any of my children.

With three kids, I’ve become very good at figuring out what baby gear is worth buying and what is just a waste of money. We live in a small apartment in Manhattan, so I can’t fill the space up with too much baby stuff because we just don’t have the room.

A lot of the baby products that I’ve used for Macks during these past three months are hand-me-downs from the girls. Many have lasted me nearly five years and are tried-and-true in helping make the first three months go by more smoothly. I’ve also found a lot of newer products that I’ve tried with Macks and am now wondering how I ever got through without them with the girls.

I know how overwhelming researching baby gear can be — trying to figure out what you really need v. what you might only use just a couple of times. Check out 10 of my must-have baby products that were essential during these first three months with Macks.

Ergobaby Swaddler 1 of 10
My girls never enjoyed being swaddled and always found a way to get out of them. I wasn’t even going to try to swaddle Macks given my track record, but the Ergo Swaddler was new to the market since Avery was born so I thought I would give it a try. Thank goodness I did, because he is still sleeping in the swaddle every night. It’s so easy to wrap him in it, and it stays secure because of the velcro. The best part is that you don’t have to take your baby out of the swaddle to change his diaper. Just pull his legs out of the pouch, and you can change the diaper without even messing with his arms. It’s really helped Macks sleep better at night.

Buy a 2-pack of swaddlers at Ergobaby for $45
Ergobaby Wrap 2 of 10
I only discovered how incredible baby-wearing was when Avery was a newborn. I knew that with two other little ones running around, wearing Macks was going to be necessary. He loves to be held close, but I can’t carry him all of the time.

Buy a wrap at Ergobaby for $80
Fisher Price's My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing 3 of 10
This swing has lasted nearly five years, and it’s been the only baby product that all three of my kids have absolutely loved. Avery slept in it for nearly the first three months of her life because it’s the only thing she would sleep in. Macks starts his night out in the swing because it helps him fall asleep. This swing has been the best thing to give me a couple of hours to myself, whether it’s to sleep, clean, or eat.

Buy the swing at Target for $119.99
Munchkin Latch Bottle 4 of 10
Macks is usually only breastfed, but there are some times during the day when I have to leave for a meeting and will be gone longer than his next feeding. He refused to take the bottle that my girls took, so I had to find something new that he would like. Thankfully these new Munchkin Latch bottles have been a winner. There aren’t many parts to clean, it has a valve to prevent colic, and the nipple has a wide mouth — which breastfed babies usually prefer.

Buy the bottle at Munchkin for $9.99
Orbit Baby Stroller 5 of 10
Living in New York City, my stroller is my main mode of transportation. With three kids, I need a good, sturdy stroller that can help me transport all three of them. I used the Orbit Baby stroller with Avery and loved it, so it was only natural for me to use it with Macks, too. I love that the girls have each “skateboard” on the side for them to ride on, and Macks has his spot in the middle.

Buy the stroller "starter kit" at Giggle for $980
aden+anais Swaddle Blankets 6 of 10
These swaddle blankets can be used for nearly everything. I have used them as a nursing cover, stroller blanket, swaddle, stroller cover, changing pad, and more. I always have a swaddle on me and love how soft these are.

Buy a 4-pack of swaddle blankets at aden + anais for $49.95
Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper 7 of 10
Because I am breastfeeding Macks and we have a limited amount of space in our apartment, I love using the co-sleeper. It securely attaches to our bed so I can easily get him when he needs to be fed, but it still gives him his own safe place to sleep.

Buy the co-sleeper at Arm's Reach for $224.99
Stokke Steps Chair 8 of 10
This high chair is incredible because it can be used from the day baby is born up to when he's a child. The bouncer attachment attaches to the high chair so that your infant can easily sit up at the table with you. I use this a lot when I am working and Macks needs that extra attention. It’s so nice being able to have him right next to me at eye level.

Buy the chair at Albee Baby for $279.99
NoseFrida Snot Sucker 9 of 10
Macks had a really stuffy nose for those first few months, and this thing was a lifesaver for us. It safely removes the snot from his nose without having to be inserted into his tiny and fragile nostrils. When Macks was really sick at six weeks, I used this thing multiple times a day, and he was never bothered by it at all.

Buy the snot sucker at Babies 'R' Us for $15.99
Nuna Leaf Baby Seat 10 of 10
All three of my kids are obsessed with this. The bouncer was designed to sway the way a leaf does when it falls to the ground. It’s not battery- powered, and with one simple push, it moves back and forth for baby. The best part is that it has a pretty high weight limit, so all of my kids can sit in it. The girls absolutely love sitting in it while watching television.

Buy the seat at Nordstrom for $219.95


Article Posted 2 years Ago

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