Baby Rearview Mirror

Can I just tell you how much I hate rear facing car seats? I get the whole idea that they are safer for our little ones, but I can’t stand the fact that when I turn around to check on Tate I only see the back of his car seat! I don’t even have an easy access to give him a binky when he is upset. So in return, I have been searching for a good baby rearview mirror so I can at least see what he is up to. Unfortunately, so far I have had little luck.

I spotted a cheap mirror at the store for less than $8 and snagged it. As soon as I opened the package, I knew I had made a mistake. It had a cheap looking suction cup and an even cheaper looking clamp. I stared hopelessly at the back of my jeep and tried to figure out how I might possibly attach it. First, I tried to use the suction on my rear windshield. It wasn’t ideal because it was about a mile from Tate, but I stuck it on anyway. After I had driven about a mile I heard a thunk, and not surprisingly, the suction cup had failed.

Next I decided to give the little clamp a go. I looked at my back seat and tried to figure out what I might possibly attach it to to get the best view of Tate’s rear facing, middle placed carseat. First I tried the neighboring headrest – forget it. Then I tried hooking it to the seatbelt nearest his seat and I really thought I had it. I adjusted it so my husband could see the babe, and we drove off. After 10 minutes, Steve looked back and the clip had slumped to the bottom of the belt. When we got home I chucked the thing in the garbage.

I have been patrolling the internet for a highly rated option with little success. Either the ratings are poor or the sucker is sold out. So, I wonder, dear readers, which baby rearview mirrors do you think are the best? Please leave your suggestions below.

image: flickr | karchsp

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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