Baby Red and Blotchy While Breastfeeding?

Little Bean Nursing – Notice Red Blotches

Not all the time, but enough to notice, LIttle Bean will get all red and blotchy while nursing. It’s seems almost hive-like with a red flushed look under his eyes, his nose and even splotches on his head. It’s been happening on and off for a few months now.

I tried to capture it today. Here’s a larger image from this morning…

Little Bean Nursing – Notice Red Blotches

The picture doesn’t show it too well but you can at least see the pattern.

I’m a little worried he’s reacting to something in my milk. Could an allergy be forming already? Or is it just a heat rash? Is he exerting himself too much?

I really have no idea.

He’s doesn’t seem affected by it at all. Here he is all content after eating…

Happy, content, fed baby!

and the blotches clear up within 10 minutes or so.

I’m not stressing too much but I would love an explanation. Has this happen to anyone else?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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