Baby Sign Language – 15 Easy Signs to Teach Baby

Teaching baby sign language can help better communicate with your child.
Teaching baby sign language can help better communicate with your child.

While infants and toddlers ant to communicate their needs and wants, they can’t. Since hand eye coordination develops sooner than verbal skills, babies can learn simple signs for common words.

We started teaching baby sign language with our first child, who’s now 8 years old. At first I thought it would be some hokey bologna but gave it a try. While she didn’t catch on until she was around 8 months, it was amazing to see. It was one of the first realizations of a parent that I can teach my child and they will do it. In addition to of course understanding more of what my baby wanted or needed. Our second and third child were also introduced to baby sign language. Our toddler, while he talks – still emphasizes words with signing.

Baby sign language experts suggest starting use of signing around the age of 6 months.

Here are 15 Easy Signs to Teach Your Baby:

Download a free chart here.

Have You Taught Your Baby to Sign?
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