Baby Survivor’s Incredible Birthday at Disneyland

How does a California baby celebrate both her birthday and beating cancer? With a trip to Disneyland, of course!

On her first birthday, Lilly Bumpus — who is now cancer-free after spending most of her life battling Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer — and her family got the royal treatment at Disneyland. (Disclosure: Disneyland and Babble share a parent company.)

“Lilly is having the time of her life,” the family posted on the popular Facebook page dedicated to the smiling tot. “We are living a dream, a dream with no cancer!”

Check out pictures from Lilly’s trip below and click here to help the Bumpus family, who are currently staying at a Ronald McDonald house, raise money for a home of their own.

  • Lilly’s Day at Disney 1 of 8

    See how smiling cancer survivor Lilly Bumpus celebrated her first birthday at Disneyland.

  • The Future’s So Bright… 2 of 8

    Lilly stayed cool under the California sun with heart-shaped shades.

  • A Caped Cancer Crusader 3 of 8

    A very special cape was a must-have accessory for Lilly as she met with Disneyland's most prominent denizens.

  • Meeting With the Mouse 4 of 8

    In addition to her one-on-two get-together with Mickey and Minnie, Lilly received a personalized basket full of Disney gifts and a special trolley ride around the park.

  • The Royal Treatment 5 of 8

    Lilly, center, also met Disney princesses... as did many of her relatives. The Disneyland trip was a real family affair, with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all coming along.

  • A Princess Kiss 6 of 8

    Snow White blows a special kiss to Lilly during a parade.

  • Sugar Rush 7 of 8

    Lilly's cousin treats her to a lollipop.

  • A Dream Come True 8 of 8

    Lilly, her family said, is "the happiest cancer survivor Disneyland has ever seen."


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