Why Baby Therapy for Seniors Is Even Better Than a Robot Seal

Photo Credit: Twanetorerk
Photo Credit: Twanetorerk

I was watching a documentary the other night on aging (I have no idea why) and they showed a nursing home in Japan where the residents are given a baby robot seal called “Paro.”  They freaking loved those robot seals!  I looked over at my roommate in a ridiculously teary moment and said “I want to take Clemmie (my 11-month-old daughter) to them” and she totally agreed.  Then today, out of nowhere my babysitter, Asia, said “We need to take Clementine to an old folks home.  They would love her. My grandmother lives for that baby.”

Now, I can’t stop thinking about how much old people need babies. Forget pet therapy, how about a tired mommy group goes to a nursing home and hands their babies over for a while?  You wouldn’t have to even actually hand them over.  Just put a baby in a bouncy seat or high chair and let the love flow.

Still, I’m all for the baby robot seal. In fact, I’m adding him to my “You can put me in an old folks home one day, but…” letter to my daughters.  In addition to wanting fresh bananas and Diet Coke every morning, “Paro” would be a fun addition to my nursing home room. If you can find a tired mom to bring me her baby, even better!

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