Baby Toy Labels Explained!

toys featuredI finally succumbed to my desire to own the world’s most expensive teething toy and bought my baby a Sophie Giraffe. You know that squeaky rubber giraffe that supposedly makes teething tolerable because it’s, you know, French. I noticed that on the box there was a long educational justification for the toy, explaining how it stimulates all five of the senses. There’s color contrast, a textures surface, the smell of the rubber, all of which is supposedly going to help babies’ development. Yeah. It’s a squeaking giraffe. Kids like to bite it. It makes a good noise. Lay off with the educational hard sell, you know?

The next time I was in a store with toys, I made a point of looking at some of the packaging to see if all of them make educational claims. Not surprisingly, they do. I guess toy-makers are afraid it isn’t enough for toys to be fun anymore and now they all need to be developmentally keyed to different ages and different emerging skill sets. Accordingly, toys all have little explanations for what exactly they will do for your baby.

What these labels don’t tell you is what these toys mean for you, as a parent. I’ve gone ahead and decoded a few of the claims so you can be a more educated toy buyer!

  • Encourages Crawling 1 of 10
    Encourages Crawling
    You will have to chase this out from under the couch.
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  • Promotes Fine Motor Skills 2 of 10
    Promotes Fine Motor Skills
    Will make you baby more adept at grasping your dangly earrings.
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  • Helps Sensory Develpment 3 of 10
    Helps Sensory Develpment
    Makes annoying noises.
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  • Promotes Gross Motor Skills 4 of 10
    Promotes Gross Motor Skills
    Will result in your playroom looking like a tornado hit it.
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  • Devleops Hand-Eye Coordination 5 of 10
    Devleops Hand-Eye Coordination
    Your baby will smack you in the face with this toy.
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  • Encouraged Self-Expression 6 of 10
    Encouraged Self-Expression
    Will make baby screech in glee or frustration.
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  • Promotes Early Academics 7 of 10
    Promotes Early Academics
    A gift from a childless relative, your baby will never play with it.
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  • Develops Sharing and Cooperation Skills 8 of 10
    Develops Sharing and Cooperation Skills
    Appeals to older siblings who will want to "share" with the baby by snatching it from her hands.
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  • Multisensory Experience 9 of 10
    Multisensory Experience
    Involves migraine inducing flashing lights.
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  • Promotes Creativity 10 of 10
    Promotes Creativity
    Have plenty of cleaning products nearby to get the "creativity" off the walls.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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