What If My Baby Wants More Food?

baby wants more foodI recently spoke to a mom who has a newborn son. She was stressed and didn’t know what to do. Her baby boy was screaming non-stop as if he was hungry, but she had fed him the amount she was told to feed him but he was still acting hungry. He didn’t have any symptoms of illness, just acted very hungry but was afraid of overfeeding her child.

While I am no expert to give you the matter-of-fact stats on the appetite of a male baby vs a female baby, I can give you some words of wisdom after bottle feeding 3 boys (and having numerous friends and family who have experienced the same). In all my experience, baby boys like their food and have BIG appetites.

Just like the mom who’s baby is crying – I had the same situation with our third child Izaiah. I would make him bottles per the amounts instructed by the doctor. It would never fail, within the hour – he was screaming his head off. My husband recommended giving him additional formula that maybe he was still hungry.  After feeding him that additional formula, all would be right in his world. The doctor did not believe me when I told her how much he was eating. He was always off the charts for height, but never on weight (always average). He was just a big boy and needed his food.

When it came time for table food, it was the same story. My boy loved to eat. He ate well and still does, now almost 2 years later.

Our baby Zeke was the same way in regards to eating the recommended amount of formula set forth by the doctor. Accept this go around, I didn’t hesitate to give him a bit more when he acted hungry.

I would never say not listen to a doctor, but I do know this: – us moms know our babies and their needs. If your baby is acting hungry, feed him! Of course, if the behavior continues after the feeding or additional symptoms are present notify your doctor.

Is Your Baby a Big Eater?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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