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Baby wearing gave me both my hands back!
Babywearing gave me both my hands back

I owned a Baby Bjorn with my other kids, but really didn’t use it all that much. Maybe because my other 3 kids weren’t clingy, like this new one.

Our new little Zeke is a love bug. It’s a refreshing thing to have a sweet thing who just wants to love you and be in your arms, 24/7. Now that it’s been 7 weeks since his birth — I really need to do other things like help my husband with these other three kids. While I have become quite talented at doing things one-handed, I can only imagine what I could accomplish if I had two arms and two hands. It hit me last week after talking to a few friends that maybe I should try a wrap and the whole babywearing thing a chance.

At the recommendation of several, I ended up with the Moby Wrap — and I love it. I do have to say, when you buy it, unpackage and lay the wrap out — it just looks like yards of fabric. I kept thinking to myself, How in the WORLD am I going to figure this out? Thanks to YouTube, and I am no longer a Moby Wrap wrappin’ fool. I can wrap this baby up in 2 minutes.

How sad is it that this age old practice has given me a new lease on life? I can sit here and blog — all with this little baby close to me and I can do it with 2 hands rather than pecking at the keyboard with one.

Another perk? My 18-month-old loves to be carried as well. Who would of thunk? Not me!

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