BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier Review

I am such a lucky girl. Last month, the lovely people at BabyBjorn sent me their newest product to try out, the BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier.

I’m such a sucker for a well-designed piece of baby carrying equipment, I tell you what. I’m fascinated by all the various ways you can design clips and straps, and all the different areas of the back carriers can use to distribute baby’s weight most efficiently.

What I’m learning is that there doesn’t seem to be an All-Purpose, One-Size-Fits-All model of baby wearing. Isn’t that rude? You really have to try everything and explore all your options before you can decide whether baby-wearing is for you.

So, after the jump, I’m sharing my experiences with the BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier, as well as how it compares with other baby wearing slings and gadgets I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot!), to maybe help you in your search for your PERFECT baby carrier? Let’s hope so!

Right. So. Of the Bjorn family of carriers, I’ve been lucky enough to try out the Original Classic, the Comfort, and now the Miracle. It really does seem to be a case of the Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear syndrome:

The Original Classic carrier is my favorite. Because it is built for smaller babies, and because I am a smaller person, it fits me best. But because it’s built for smaller babies, and because my baby is not a smaller baby, it hurts like the dickens after just a few hours. The design of the Original Classic places the weight of the baby squarely on your shoulders–fine if your baby weighs under 20 pounds, less fine when your baby is a tubby.

Next I tried the Comfort carrier, which is built similarly to the Ergo with the bulk of baby’s weight supported by the hip strap. (The main difference between the Ergo and the Comfort is that with the Comfort your baby can face out, which–psychologist’s warning or not–my baby definitely prefers). But unlike the Original Classic, the Comfort is a whole lotta straps and doohickeys and the simplicity of the Original Classic is completely lost. In the battle for simplicity between the Ergo and the Comfort, I have to give it to the Ergo.

So, the Miracle is kind of like the “just right.”

It features the same simple format of the Original, the difference is the way the back criss-crossing straps are laid out, and in the extra hip support. And, it is rated for babies up to 15 months.

I wore Huck in the Miracle while navigating the Portland Airport last month, and at one point I had to literally sprint across the terminal to make it to my gate in time, all with my arms completely full holding my carry-on and Huck’s diaper bag. It saved the day. I can’t imagine making that mad dash in a carrier I felt less secure with, or in a carrier that wasn’t as comfortable.

So, is the Miracle Carrier the right carrier for you? If you:

  • Need to feel completely secure hands-free,
  • Have a hefty kid or older baby,
  • Have a baby who likes the option of facing out, and
  • Are bigger than the average fifth grader (it takes quite a bit of adjustment before I feel like it’s really fitted correctly),

then in that case, I say yes!

But, if you:

  • Have a child older than 15 months,
  • Get easily annoyed by a lot of dangling straps,
  • Are considerably smaller than your average adult,
  • Want a more interactive, organic closeness to your baby while you carry him or her, and
  • Need something that packs away very small and efficiently,

then I’d probably recommend the Ergo.

For a more in-depth musing on the different ways you can wear your baby, I prepared a handy-dandy slideshow with reviews of a whole host of different carrying methods RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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