Babyhood: When Chubby Can Be Embraced and Nibbled

I birth little babies that quickly turn to chunky babies. Currently Vivi’s thigh is as wide as it is long and she has the most delicious rolls on her legs, arms, ankles and wrists. And her neck? What neck? It’s the only body part that’s missing because her nommable cheeks pretty much meet her chest right below her chin.

Did you know there are some people who worry that their babies are getting too fat?

Sure, there are probably some babies who are too fat, but there’s a good chance that a caregiver is to blame. My dad loves to tell me about all the babies in Europe that drank Coke out of bottles while he was stationed in Germany. If your doctor says your baby is A-OK? Your baby is A-OK. Before you know it your chubby baby will be headed off to first grade with knobby knees, sharp elbows and nary a squishable pad of baby fat visible. (*SOB*)

I’m just as surprised as everyone else that Vivi is as long as she is, Cody and I aren’t exactly topping any height charts. But it grates on my nerves a little when well meaning people ask “10 months?” Nope. Try three. They then gasp and say “BUT SHE’S SO BIG!” *sigh* She’s a baby, what does it matter? Most babies double in size only a few months after birth, it is survival after all. EAT EAT EAT, STORE STORE STORE! And in case most people don’t realize it, babies aren’t running marathons or attending baby Zumba classes. One can only burn so many calories growing at an exponential pace and flailing about wildly.

Babies come in different sizes, just like apples, pumpkins, cars, dogs, pies and grown ups. Love them and feed them the right things at the right time and they’ll grow up to be just who they’re meant to be.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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