Baby’s 1st Easter: 20 Gifts for the Easter Basket

I am so super-excited to celebrate Grayson’s first Easter in a few weeks! Of course there isn’t really a ton of things you can put in a 5-month-old’s Easter basket. No chocolate bunnies or peeps here. 

I’ve been looking for cute little bunny stuffed animals, baby toys, and just springtime inspired cutest pretties to fill his Easter basket with. In my house, the Easter bunny has a lot of work because we have 5 littles. So we really plan ahead when it comes time to filling the baskets which most of the time overflow into a mini-Christmas. I’ve always loved holidays, especially when I can buy gifts, so Easter is something I get excited for as a Mom. I love playing the Easter bunny.

So what exactly do you put in your little one’s Easter basket? I am sharing with you my favorites including a few I’ve picked up for Grayson too!

  • What will you put in your little one’s basket? 1 of 21
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  • A Vintage Easter 2 of 21
    Maybe you have more of a vintage style -- if so, this cute bunny headband is great for the special occasion. I love felt headbands and look at the little details - the lace, the bow - just precious.
    Purchase the felt headband from Giddy Up and Grow for $24
  • Cute Little Spring Bottles 3 of 21
    Born Free has a spring-inspired deco bottle set that would be perfect to give. If you use bottles -- it is always nice to get new ones. I am sure baby will love it too!
    Purchase the bottle set from Target for $36.99
  • Bunny Slippers 4 of 21
    Oh-so-cute! I am swooning over this adorable slippers. Too bad my baby is a boy and all my girls are too big for these! So perfect and adorable for Easter!
    Purchase them from Lily Boo Boutique for $18
  • Crochet Flower Pacifier Clip 5 of 21
    Oh my -- if I had a baby girl! I just can't get over how cute this crocheted flower clip is for the binky lovers. The price is so affordable too! I just love it.
    Purchase the clip from Sweet Lace Shop for $8.50
  • Quack Quack 6 of 21
    There is just something about this wooden yellow toy and cute duck that reminds me of Spring. Wooden toys are my favorite for Grayson!
    Purchase it from HABA USA for $14.49
  • Easter Burp Cloths 7 of 21
    I love how fresh, fun and pretty these burp cloths are -- especially the cute blue easter print! I love those little bunnies.
    Purchase them from Babiease for $9
  • Sweet Little Bunny 8 of 21
    How cute is this little stuffed bunny? I love the bright pink polka dot fabric too! It would be adorable in the nursery.
    Purchase the bunny from Little Sidekick for $14
  • Easter Bib 9 of 21
    Get baby an adorable bib to celebrate their first Easter. How cute is this fabric?
    Purchase the bib from The Mint Peony for $12
  • Teething Toy 10 of 21
    A classic, wooden teething toy shaped like a bunny. What more could a baby ask for?
    Purchase the teething toy from Smiling Tree Toys for $16
  • Taggy Fun 11 of 21
    How cute is this face? And those chevron ears? It is almost too-cute to play with. A teething toy or just something to cuddle - I love this blue bunny.
    Purchase the toy from Jute Baby for $30
  • Wood Blocks 12 of 21
    Every baby needs a set of blocks. This set from Pottery Barn Kids is a favorite in our house.
    Purchase the blocks from Pottery Barn Kids for $54.99
  • Sippy Cup 13 of 21
    I love this new to the US line of adorable and loveable baby feeding items and more. This cup is perfect for baby!
    Purchase the cup from Pipopiyo USA for $10.49
  • Little G Blanket 14 of 21
    A lovey that your little one will have for years. And how cute would it look in an Easter basket? This is one of my favorites for Grayson.
    Purchase the blanket from Little Giraffe for $48
  • Spring Beanie 15 of 21
    Even though warm weather is right around the corner -- a spring beanie is perfect to go with that Easter dress. I mean - come on, how sweet is that pink bow?
    Purchase the hat from The Handmade Hippie for $20
  • Bath Set 16 of 21
    Because every baby needs new bath toys! This duck set is perfect to wash baby with and let them hold too.
    Purchase the bath toy set from Skip Hop for $10
  • Super-Soft Bunny Rattle 17 of 21
    I can't tell you soft this rattle is and it happens to be one of Grayson's favorite toys to cling on with those little fingers. The bunny rattle comes in pink too!
    Purchase the rattle from GUND for $15
  • Headband Set 18 of 21
    Every girl needs new headbands! I love the prints and pastels of this set.
    Purchase the headband set from Little Hip Squeaks for $29.80
  • Set of Ball Rattles 19 of 21
    Perfect for tiny hands! And not plastic. I love this ball rattles for baby because they can play with them for years to come.
    Purchase the rattle set from The Land of Nod for $12.95
  • Sophie the Giraffe 20 of 21
    The classic teething toy everyone knows and loves. If your little one is like Grayson, I would suggest snagging one.
    Purchase it from Pottery Barn Kids for $23
  • Giraffe Taggy Toy 21 of 21
    Another super-cute taggy toy for little hands and teething. The floral fabric reminds me of Spring and would look cute inside baby's basket.
    Purchase the giraffe toy from Tabitha and Hugo $13.28

Looking for more ideas? Fill the basket with more must-have baby toys!

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