Baby's First 4th Of July!

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Last night the family went to a local fireworks display to celebrate the 4th. Over the past few years it’s become a tradition for us.

The show starts at 9PM and I was worried how Little Bean was going to not only handle the noise, but also the shift in his schedule. We’ve done a good job establishing his routine so far, and frankly didn’t want to mess with it.

But off we went, braving the crowds and mosquitoes.

I decided on no stroller. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than maneuvering a baby in a carriage through a crowded event, especially on grass. Instead, I strapped him in my favorite carrier and off we went.

Considering we arrived about 1/2 hour after Bean’s normal bedtime, I was surprised he was so alert. I could tell he was tired because he wanted the pacifier, but he was handling his tiredness pretty well–minimally fussing and kind of just taking in the sights.

Then the 5 minute warning firecracker went off. He did the classic baby jump. His arms jerked upwards and his eyes got wide. I was expecting the super sad face next, followed by the silent cry turning to full on water works. But he surprised me, taking it all in stride.

Once the show started he was totally chill! At first he was a bit mesmerized by the flashes of color and light, and then disinterested, almost as if it wasn’t going on at all.

About 2/3 of the way through (the display was probably a good 10 minutes) he fussed a bit which seemed to be more of a comfort thing. So I got up and stood, bouncing him a bit. That calmed him right down.

Is it weird to say I was proud of him? I mean he’s just a baby, he has no idea what’s going on. It’s not like I could rationalize with him or expect good behavior. But I was proud. He did so well!

Then we had to leave.


Once I got him in the car seat the crying began. It was like his last straw. Of course traffic was a mess and it took us a good half hour to get home. He cried and cried and CRIED.

I felt bad for Big Brother in the back seat, who attempted to give him the pacifier a few times. It worked for a little while until he spit it out to cry some more. Of course he fell asleep 2 minutes from the house, just in time for me to wake him by taking him out of the car seat. Isn’t that what always happens?

Overall though, it was a fabulous family outing! Here are a few pics…

  • Little Bean and I Among the Crowd. 1 of 4
    Little Bean and I Among the Crowd.
  • Standing with Little Bean Enjoying the Show. 2 of 4
    Standing with Little Bean Enjoying the Show.
  • I can’t believe he was awake! 3 of 4
    I can't believe he was awake!
  • Big Brother mesmerized–Silly Bands and all. 4 of 4
    Big Brother mesmerized--Silly Bands and all.

How did your kids handle their first fireworks display?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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