Baby's First Baby Sitter

This weekend, my husband and I have a thing. It’s the first time we’ve been invited to a thing where kids are probably okay but are most likely best left at home? And so now we are wondering what on earth to do with ourselves because it’s done time to hire a baby sitter.

The very thought scares the dickens out of me!

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We have a few options.

The first is to hire the lady who lives in the building who often babysits for our Super’s kid. She’s reliable, knows CPR, is trained in early childhood development… except that every time we’re in the elevator with her Huck cries the minute she walks into the elevator and won’t stop until she’s left, so… (isn’t that weird?).

Another option is to have a friend of ours from church come by. Huck will be sleeping (hopefully) (don’t count on it) and she can just hang out and use our wifi and in exchange I’ll watch her kids sometime. But, what if he wakes up, sees this woman he only sort of knows and who smells like–gasp!–another baby, and freaks his freak? I’d feel awful if he freaked his freak and my friend wasn’t even getting paid for it.

Then there is a third option, where I have a good girlfriend come over in exchange for baked goods (she swears she won’t accept actual monies, only carbohydrates). She doesn’t have kids of her own yet. So, say Huck wakes up, realizes mom isn’t there, throws the grandest and most pathetic pity party of his life. Worst case scenario, this friend just decides to never have children, right? At least she got cookies out of it?

Now is the part where you all tell me how much you stressed over hiring a babysitter for the first time, and how it all turned out to be JUUUUST FIIIIIINE.

Thanks dudes!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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