Baby's First Beach Trip

Having fun at the beach with Daddy.

I love “firsts.”

I’ve always been a sucker for any inaugural occasion and it doesn’t even matter what it is. I’ve always loved trying something for the first time or being present when a friend or family member tries or experiences something new: first time seeing the ocean, snow, The Grand Canyon, first time eating Indian food, first time snowboarding…I love it all.

As you can imagine, this love for firsts means that I am having so much fun seeing my little Fern experience all of hers and yesterday was no exception. Her daddy and I headed out for a little day trip to the beach and seeing her experience the ocean, wind and sand for the very first time was quite possibly the cutest thing ever. As expected I also took approximately 8.3 million photos to document the day, but I sorted them down to my favorites and wanted to share.

See photos from Fern’s first beach trip after the jump!

  • And we’re off! 1 of 9
    And we're off!
    We got Fern out of the car, strapped her in and headed off toward the ocean. I think she knew there was something exciting ahead and she smiled excitedly the whole way there.
  • Seaside 2 of 9
    Obligatory photo documenting our first family beach trip in front of the Seaside sign.
  • First sand experience 3 of 9
    First sand experience
    The first thing we did when we got down to the beach was stand Fern in the sand. I was prepared for a crying baby, since I'd heard many babies don't enjoy the feeling of sand, but Fern's response was the exact opposite. She loved it!
  • Digging in 4 of 9
    Digging in
    Fern loved digging her hands in the sand and letting fistfuls fly away in the wind. She also tried to eat it on multiple occasions and though I intercepted it, I'm pretty sure I may be finding trace amounts in tomorrow's diaper.
  • Little toes in the Pacific 5 of 9
    Little toes in the Pacific
    We let her dip her toes in the waves and for a split second she cried, but quickly realized that it was kind of like the bathtub (which she's obsessed with) and didn't want to leave.
  • Kisses from Daddy 6 of 9
    Kisses from Daddy
    Taking a break in between all the seashore excitement to get a kiss.
  • Family photo opp 7 of 9
    Family photo opp
    A family photo in front of the ocean obviously had to happen.
  • All tuckered out 8 of 9
    All tuckered out
    After all the excitement Fern crashed and took a two hour nap during the drive home!
  • Bed time 9 of 9
    Bed time
    We finished off our adventure back at home by reading a Little Golden Book - "A Day at the Seashore". It was a great end to a great day and we can't wait to go back!

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