Baby's First Boat Ride

A weekend ago we took Huck with us to the Central Park Boat House to rent us a boat and go kicking around the pond near Bethesda Fountain with some friends. It was our first time taking Huck in a vehicle operated on water. For whatever reason, it felt sort of momentous to me.

I was vaguely worried that he’d get squirmy and fall off the boat, or we’d get squirmy and accidentally toss him off the boat (!!) or a rogue 10-foot wave would capsize our ship and Huck would slide right out of his little life vest and suddenly turn too slippery to grab and then the bottom of the shallow pond would give out and I’d forget how to swim! But, in the end, we were all totally safe.

And we saw turtles!

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Woohoo! It’s like a vacation slideshow!

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    Yes, that is Scooby Doo on his life vest.
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    Mom's turn to row. It was real hard!
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    That life vest was like a mini face lift. Cheeks to the sky!
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    Favorite picture of ever. Right?
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    We brought Cheerios along for the ride, obviously. They later came in handy for feeding the ducks.
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    Under the tunnel we switched places so dad could row.
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    Dad was too busy rowing the boat to make out with me in the "tunnel of love" as I named it, so I stole a kiss from Huck's squishy cheeks instead.
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    Dorky photo with mom!
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    And then he fell asleep. You know, boating is entirely exhausting.

I suppose all that is left now is Baby’s First Above-Ground Train, Baby’s First Helicopter, and possibly also Baby’s First Camel Ride. Yes?


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