Baby's First Cold in a Post-cold Meds Era

Poor baby G 🙁

Well, the dreaded moment has arrived: at 13 weeks old, G is sick for the very first time.  I think it’s a classic cold, which C had for over a week recently. The first thing I noticed was that G seemed warm to me during the night (I think we mothers have internal, built-in thermometer; I can always tell when my kids have even a slight fever, and I can also tell when they are getting sick by the way their breath smells. Gross, but true).  Then the sniffles and snurgles set in, and now she’s full-on sick with a good, old-fashioned cold.

She and I are now sitting up together in the wee hours because she just can’t get comfortable. She snurgles and wheezes and then lets out these tiny, super sweet yet oh-so-pathetic little cries that just break my heart. I used to be able to reach for a dropperfull of baby cold medicine (benadryl being the all-around fave due to its bonus quality of inducing sleep in an otherwise sleepless infant).  But nowadays, cold medicine for babies is Seriously Frowned Upon .  That means that unlike an adult with a similarly unpleasant head or chest cold, G is having to suffer through her first virus with no symptom relief beyond the occasional time-out for both of us in a steamy bathroom.

I hate seeing her so uncomfortable, and this is also one of those times when being a working mom is tough. When your three month old baby is sick – even if it’s just a cold – you want to stay home with her and give her your full attention. Alas, that’s not an option, but at least she’s cared for by Jon and my mother in law during the day while I am at work. I don’t worry that she isn’t getting the TLC I would give her; it’s just that I want to be the one giving it to her.

I wonder if there is a homeopathic remedy that’s considered safe and effective for young infants with cold symptoms? Anybody know?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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