Baby's First Halloween. Jinkies!

Yay for family themed Halloween costumes. We FINALLY pulled one off successfully. First we considered villains (I have the perfect Freddy Krueger Onesie for Little Bean) but the kids are a little young to get the references. Then we discussed Star Wars characters but it means more to Dad than Big Brother, and let’s face it the kids must be on board for the theme to work. We were moments away from being comic book characters (I don’t know HOW I would have filled in this costume) then he saw Scooby in the costume shop.

Big Brother has been obsessed with Scooby for about 3 years now. We own every original episode, watch the new ones on Cartoon Network, have “Pup Names Scooby Doo” episodes on the iPad, and have more DVDs than I’d like to admit. Once he caught a glimpse of the Scooby costume there was no turning back. Mystery Inc. it was and our Little Bean made the perfect Scrappy.

“Puppy Power!” was written all over his face. Well sort of…

  • He didn’t quote know what to make of the whole day. 1 of 5
  • I was digging the Velma outfit! 2 of 5
  • We even made a Mystery Machine. 3 of 5
  • Our community parade. 4 of 5
  • LOVE how they have the same expression. 5 of 5

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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