Baby's First Summer: The Ultimate Summertime Mom Uniform


Summer is coming! Do you feel it? Pretend that you do, okay?

The first thing I have to do when contemplating the Summer ahead is compile the perfect wardrobe. You know, first thing’s first. This involves spreadsheets, pricing strategies, and many dumped online shopping carts. (You know this–you fill your cart with your hopes and dreams and then walk away quickly with your eyes and wallet shut tight?)

This summer will be my first Summer as a mom, and thus, my first summer requiring a really kick-ass mom wardrobe. I’m going to need clothes that will bend, twist and lift, stand up to smears, dirt, and ice cream cones, and also make me look effortlessly cool and with-it and put-together and other important stuff. As such, I’ve been honing and fine-tuning this wardrobe of my dreams for months now . . . I think I have it nearly perfected if I do say so myself.

So this is the post wherein I channel my inner Cher Horowitz and get all wardrobey on your butts. After the jump, the Summer Mom Uniform of my dreams! Here we go!

1. Knee-Length Shorts

The thing about being a mom is that nobody needs to see your bum anymore, and isn’t that too bad? But don’t you feel lucky to be living in an era where bermudas and other knee-length items are so en vogue? I know I do. What would we even do without knee-length shorts? Wear capris? Gross.

2. Stripey Tops

It’s become a bit of a joke how dependent I am on my old standby, the Stripey Tee. I have more than a person could possibly need, and yet I’ve constantly got my eyes peeled for more. A good stripey tee hides a multitude of stains and makes you look vaguely European, which is possibly my goal in life, it wouldn’t surprise me. This season’s Madewell striped tops are looking mighty fine to me, I gotta tell you.

3. Prudent (But Rad) Footwear

I think this year may be the year where I decide I need a pair of red TOMs. Anyway, you can never go wrong with gladiators, and thank heavens for that. We all need something we can rely on year after year, am I right?

4. Fedora For Inevitable Bad Hair Days

It’s inescapable. Is your hair still falling out? Yep, mine too.

5. Hand Bling

I like nothing better than a juicy coral for summer, and something about a laid-back bracelet really seems to pull a casual outfit together. Don’t forget to paint your toes while you’re at it.

6. Cross Body Bag

Because the heat of summer is no time for tucking any kind of anything under your arm.

Sources: fedora, bag, olive tee, shorts, TOMs, bracelet, sandals, nail polish. (the blue top is out of stock, but it’s from

Okay, all you rad moms. What’s your perfect summer wardrobe looking like this year?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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