Babywearing: Help Me Choose The Best Carrier

I need your advice.

You see, I desperately want to be one of those cool Moms who totes her baby everywhere in a carrier, but I’m not sure where I should sink my money.

With so many different carriers to choose from, and many at such premium prices, I need your experience and advice to choose the carrier that will work best for us.

Keep reading to find out what I’m looking for in a baby carrier, and leave your tips, tricks, and shopping advice in the comments!

Since bringing Kara home from the hospital, I’ve been wearing her occasionally in a Moby Wrap. I do really like the Moby Wrap, however, sometimes it feels a little warm, and with summer coming, I would really like to try a carrier with some more structure.

I was really bummed to find out that it is not safe to carry front-facing due to poor positioning for baby, because Kara really likes to be nosy and look all around.

My carrier wish list:

1. Baby has best view possible
2. Works well with small babies and beyond (Kara is about 12 lbs.)
3. Is lightweight and will work well in a hot/humid climate
4. Is cute (well, this is a wish list, right?)
5. Comfortable fit for me, soft shoulder straps, etc.

So, Moms, can you help me? Which carrier do you love, and why?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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