Bad Baby Hair

Evie Looks Like Puck from Glee

I remember thinking I’ll never let my baby have bad hair because I just don’t want to cut it. Well, folks… the day has come where my baby has had some pretty awful hair. I definitely wasn’t me holding onto Evie’s newborn hair, I think I just didn’t know how bad it really was.

Until I’ve been looking back at pictures…. (read on for more!)

When Evie was born, she had a full head of dark, coarse hair. It was beautiful. But by the middle of the third week, she started losing it just up top. At first I thought it was a result of her hairbows, but then I noticed all her baby hair falling out on her blankets. Sad. By 6 wks, she was bald… but only on top. Hot. At this point, we called her George Costanza. Honestly, I should have buzzed the sides then so she could at least look like Daddy Warbucks.

Going, going, going, gone!

But then, it started to grow immediately back and each week, I got more and more excited as my little baby started looking more girl than 50 yr old man.

Now.. whaddya know… she’s losing the sides of her hair.

And now she just looks like Puck from Glee.

(Did your baby have awkward hair? I’ve seen baby come-overs and they are hilarious. Did it ever get to the point where you buzzed baby’s head for a do-over?)

Evie's Current 'Do
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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