Bad Banana Baby Breath

I’m hot and heavy into this homemade baby food thing. My history is full of searches like “When can babies eat mangoes?” or “What vegetable purees freeze best?” I’ve learned a lot (homemade baby food turns brown…especially peaches and bananas) still have a lot to learn and am enjoying every moment of it. Homemade baby food smuggery? I have it. Turns out a lot of you have it too.

Which brings me to bananas.

Bananas hold a special place in the homemade baby food world because they don’t have to be cooked. Just smoosh and feed. VIvi’s had a few bananas here and there over the last month but only recently did I realize that the bananas were making her smell.


Well, I guess bad is a dramatic adjective to use. It’s just, she has banana breath. Addie gets it too. So do I. But Vivi is this beacon of smell goodedness so when I lean down to kiss her and get a face full of banana breath? It’s…shocking. And it sticks around. Whoo. Does it stick around.

Cody noticed it for the first time today.

So of course I asked google and ended up in the horrible land of Yahoo! answers.

If you ever want to feel like a very competent human being on the Internet? Yahoo! answers is where that will happen.

A woman asked a question about her baby’s bad banana breath and answers ranged from “It’s just the bacteria in your baby’s mouth.” to “Your baby is allergic never feed them bananas again.”

Aside from the bad breath, bananas haven’t had any ill effect or bad reaction in Vivi so we keep on with a banana once a week or so, I just have to be prepared to lay off the kisses after she has them with breakfast.

Do bananas give your baby bad breath?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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