Bathtub Toy Storage: The Great Debacle

Green Froggie MagicIt was after the birth of our first that I saw it.

All modern, fresh and green. The perfect bath-tub toy storage solution.

One glance at the price-tag had me quickly turning on my heel on to greener cheaper pastures.

Oh, if only I’d have known. If only I could have seen into the future, images of me (or the mister), constantly falling prey to the seemingly innocent bathtub toys.

Our demise met by the containers and suction cupped baskets that were an inevitable fail.

If I leave BFY but with one lasting impression, let it be that some things – really ARE worth their weight in gold. May we continue to make fun of the wipe warmers and the fake hands to hold babies…

But may you all also know, that some products? They are meant for you to BUY them, and reap in every second of their brilliant, time-saving, winning attributes.

May you learn, from me the lackadaisical el-cheapo. (Can you hear my mister guffaw at that one? He may have even snorted. Anyways, we’re not talking about shoes, we’re talking about baby products.)

When you are on the hunt for something as simple as a unit to store all of your baby’s bath-tub toys…

Just. Buy. The Green. Frog.

Save yourself a lot of time, money (in the end) and hassle. We are on #3, which is failing and spilling toys all over the place. Again. Which as you can imagine; not cool. Showering with toys underfoot? The ones that go into my babies mouths? Slightly dangerous. More than Ew.

The Frog Pod was/has been whispered amongst colleagues and friends alike to be a product to be worth the price tag and boy, do I wish I had listened. I could have bought 3 (maybe I’m exaggerating, but only slightly), by now.

Do you buy cheaper products, thinking you don’t really need the more expensive brand and end up paying triple in the end? Do you believe, like me, some things are worth the price-tag? (You should). Not all, but some.

They should come with a beacon, right? Because all of those other marketing gurus who are trying to squeeze us of every last cent on baby things we don’t need? It’s their fault. They are the evil ones keeping us from buying the Frog Pod. Well you know what I mean.

Let this be your beacon.

***Disclaimer: Once again I was not bribed, paid in the form of chocolate, wine or cold hard cash to write this post. I’m just sharing of the knowledge and experience(s) that I have. Do with it what you will.


Selena is a crafty, culinary mom. Creative Director. Social Media & Branding Consultant. Regular writer on Disney Baby. Part-time big-mouth & frequent foot-eater. Proud of her Anishinaabe roots.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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