Beach Bum

Over here on Canadian soil we had us a long weekend. You know the one, all in celebration of Royalty (which I’m not a huge fan of BTW, which is another post entirely). Known as Victoria Day, or really; May Two-Four, mostly because people drink copious amounts of beer at the cottage. Or the beach. Or anywhere outside pretty much, because the warm weather has finally arrived for our bare toes and gardening chores.

Our little family kept close to home, the mister is still in the studio recording as much as possible (new album with the band he’s in!) We didn’t have the full 3 days to take off somewhere or really get many chores done. Which is fine, because who likes chores anyways? We had us some soul-time and naps and delicious BBQ meals and lots of beach and park time.

The beach is a 1st for Lil’ Abner — she had the opportunity to model her new swimsuit and break it in a bit (ahem), in preparation for our upcoming trip to Mexico (5 sleeps to go!). Also, as you may note, these are all Instagram pics. I love me some Instagram and with all of the great choices online to get them printed, I am now deadset on creating a huge photo wall (or two!) in our entryway. The ceiling is high, featuring double doors with tall and wide walls flanking either side of the split staircase (’70s split-style rancher), in our home.

What do you think?

  • Beach Bum 1 of 11
    Flinging sand. As one does.
  • Sand Eater 2 of 11
    She's fast this one. Rock? Mouth. Stick? Mouth. Dirt? Mouth. Ants? Mouth.
  • Incredible! 3 of 11
    Everything is just so wondrous through her eyes. Early discovery is the bees knees.
  • My Heart 4 of 11
    And they al turned to look at me when I asked them too. That's right. Listen to the momma.
  • 1st Bites of Watermelon 5 of 11
    Contrary to the look on her face, she fully blissed out with 3 chunks of watermelon.
  • Daddy’s Little Girl 6 of 11
    Who, unbeknownst to either of us at the time of this shot, was having a mighty fine poo in her swimsuit.
  • Surprise! 7 of 11
    We found this all hilarious. Have we been lost forever to the land of Momma and Papa brains?
  • The Ultimate Teether 8 of 11
    Dill pickles. Who knew? She LOVES the sour. Lemons, pickles, give it. We don't give them to her regularly, obviously (too much citrus or salt). But when we do, oh the unencumbered joy.
  • She Who Speaks To The Water 9 of 11
    This was her first time in a swimsuit on the shores of a beach. At which time she started to sing and chant to the water while darting her arms out and waving them up in the air. Over and over again. Something tells me she was happy and excited.
  • The Aftermath 10 of 11
    This right after a little boy ran by splashing up big huge sprays of cold water, thus ruining her wee baby fun. Oh, the trauma.
  • Thou Shalt Have Watermelon 11 of 11
    An official big baby girl commandment.

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