I Can't Imagine Being a Teen Mom

teen momFor the last several years MTV has brought to our attention what it’s like to be 16 and Pregnant and a Teen Mom. While these reality tv encounters portray just a slice of these teenagers’ lives – I often think about what I would do in their situations.

At 33, I struggle to be the mom that I want to be.¬†Knowing what it takes to be a mom, I just don’t think I could handle being a teen mom.

As I watch the reality shows featuring pregnant teenagers, it’s so easy to judge. But while we are quick to judge, how often do we think back to what we were like during our teen years?

My teen years were depressing, rebellious and chaotic. If I had been a pregnant teenager, it would of been in the 90’s. The idea of adoption most likely wouldn’t of crossed my mind. I could of cared less about school – all I cared to do was party or hang out with my friends. I wouldn’t of taken care of myself through out the pregnancy. And while I am sure I’d of loved to play dress up the baby like a grunge baby in a cute little flannel – that would been the extent of what I would of enjoyed about motherhood.¬†

One of my dearest friends was a teen mom. Her story is amazing. Her child is now a teenager and she has made a life for herself not letting any excuses, including a teen pregnancy hold her back from success.

Being a new mom is a hard season in life. There are so many joys – but so many times I just want to waive the white flag. And that’s with having a husband, an income and a career path.

If you are or were a teen mom, I applaud you. I know it can be done. I know that while adoption might be right in certain situations that good can come from a teenage pregnancy. It’s just a harder struggle.

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Were You a Teen Mom? If Not, What Kind of Teen Mom Would You of Been?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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