Being the “Blogger of the Day” on Anderson Cooper Live

Today, I had the awesome opportunity of being the “blogger of the day” on Anderson Cooper Live.

Along with getting a nifty little bio up on their homepage (check out mine here) and a photo with the Silver Fox to show off to everybody I know, the “blogger of the day” live tweets the entire show from the comfort of the studio audience.

As far as TV appearances go, this one is pretty low stress. Right up my alley.

Still, I got treated like a real guest and was picked up at my apartment this morning at 6:30am in a Cadillac Escalade (fancy!), was led to a green room where I was given coffee and pastries, went through hair and make-up (thanks Beauty by Travis!) and was mic’ed just in case anybody decided to talk to me on air.

Also, I had to sign a release that said something like, “I understand and acknowledge that I may experience one or more surpirses in connection with my appearance on the program”. For a brief instance, I thought— OH NO! They are going to tell me Harlow isn’t mine!!!

But then I remembered this is Anderson Cooper and he’s much classier than that.

At 8:30am, I was led out into the audience where I sat with my computer on my lap, doing my best to follow the show and live tweet at once. Turns out, that’s a pretty tough job. Ever try to write interesting tidbits while people are already moving on to the next interesting tidbit? You miss a lot.

Anderson Cooper and his co-host Robin Robinson talked about everything from Justin Bieber’s bodyguard suing him for assault to the first transgender beauty queen vying for Miss California to Vinny from the Jersey Shore’s new reality show. And I tried to ignore the fact that it had been two hours since I last fed my newborn (who was at home with Grammy) and prayed my nursing pads wouldn’t leak through my shirt on national television.

But the best way to tell you about my experience is to give you a sampling of my tweets…

  • Pre-Show 1 of 17
    The woman warming up the audience was HILARIOUS. I could watch HER for an hour.
  • The Show Begins 2 of 17
    The Show Begins
    It's tough to tweet things that make sense and pay attention at once.
  • The First 15 3 of 17
    The First 15
    Justin Bieber's bodyguard sues Justin Bieber for physically attacking him.
  • I’m a TV rookie. 4 of 17
    I'm a TV rookie.
    Bet that sound person was regretting giving me a mic.
  • Garrett Popcorn Break 5 of 17
    Garrett Popcorn Break
    Robin Robinson walks around the audience with Chicago's famous tub of popcorn.
  • My Milk-filled Boobs 6 of 17
    My Milk-filled Boobs
    This was my first time away from my two month old. Bamboobies was kind enough to send me nursing pads so my milk didn't leak through my shirt on national TV!
  • sdfhwofoejgvs 7 of 17
    The camera crew told me that they wanted to film me while I typed. And I promptly forgot how.
  • Man killed right after collecting his lottery check. 8 of 17
    Man killed right after collecting his lottery check.
    You'd think whoever did it would have waited a week or two.
  • First transgender beauty queen 9 of 17
    First transgender beauty queen
    She's vying for Miss California.
  • Seriously? 10 of 17
    It takes a certain kind of person to suggest to the Silver Fox that he get some work done.
  • The Ben Novak Jr. Murder 11 of 17
    The Ben Novak Jr. Murder
    People are crazy.
  • The Ben Novak Jr. Murder 12 of 17
    The Ben Novak Jr. Murder
    Seriously, crazy.
  • Vinny from the Jersey Shore 13 of 17
    Vinny from the Jersey Shore
    Anderson never attempted his last name and just called him "Vinny".
  • Good Question 14 of 17
    Good Question
    Vinny says he never went in it again after the first episode.
  • In Other News 15 of 17
    In Other News
    This man makes more money than you. Remember that.
  • Show’s Over 16 of 17
    Show's Over
    Thank you, Bamboobies!
  • Picture Taking Time 17 of 17
    Picture Taking Time
    We shook hands. We smiled. We took the photo up top.

A big thanks to Babble and Anderson Cooper Live for letting me be a part of today’s show. I had so much fun!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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