Babble Reviews the Best Baby Lotions

Baby, it’s cold outside – but that doesn’t mean your little one’s skin should feel like parchment paper. With so many lotions on store shelves these days, it’s hard to know which one is right for your baby (and who can decipher all those ingredients on the label, anyway)?

Here are our top five picks for pampering his delicate skin – and indulging yourself, too.

  • Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion – $14 for 8 oz

    While nothing competes with that new baby smell, this lotion is the next best thing. The baby powder scent will transport you back to your own childhood, when you emerged from the tub freshly scrubbed and smelling sweet. This creamy lotion made with sweet almond oil is soft, not greasy, and doesn’t leave behind that sticky feeling that has you reaching for a wipe. Go ahead, slather some on your hands (your baby won’t mind). Or better yet, get an extra bottle for yourself.

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion –

    $19.95 for 8 oz

    Not too harsh on little noses, this refreshing citrus-and-vanilla lotion rubs into skin gently and really penetrates the surface with just a small dollop. And if you’re especially concerned about what exactly you’re putting on your little one’s precious body, rest easy. This lotion doesn’t contain any artificial dyes or fragrances. Now that’s sweet.

  • Mustela Stelaprotect Body Milk – $18

    If your baby is suffering from a bad case of itchy, dry skin, this lotion is the answer to your prayers. One dab of the milky cream, and problem patches will be a thing of the past. Part of a new line developed for babies with sensitive-to-intolerant skin, this lotion works all over to penetrate skin deeply. In a matter of minutes, my little one’s skin felt smooth once again, just like a baby ought to. If we’d thought to purchase a pump instead of a stand-up tube, we’d be all smiles.

  • Belli Baby Nourish Me Enriched Body Lotion –

    $15 for 14 oz

    Here’s a lotion that manages to go on thick without feeling heavy. The light chamomile scent is incredibly relaxing, making this lotion a great choice for helping your baby wind down before naptime or bedtime. (Taking an infant massage class? Pack this one in your diaper bag.) We also like the whimsical “born 2002” packaging.

  • Sweet Grass Farm FarmBaby Baby Lotion –

    $7.95 for 9 oz

    So many lavender-scented lotions border on the offensive with their overpowering scent, but the subtle hints of lavender in this one, blended with shea butter and aloe vera, are calming, not overwhelming. We adore this line’s vintage-looking design, featuring a tow-headed tot inside an old-fashioned wash tub.

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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