Moms’ Best-Loved Baby Gear

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow 1 of 19
"This nursing pillow is a must, must, must-have for all nursing mothers. It helps get baby in the correct position and even has a pocket for you to keep at hand while nursing like the phone or a bottle of water. I could not have survived without this!" - Charlie's Mommy
Dimmer Switch 2 of 19
"The best thing I bought before my son was born was a dimmer switch for the nursery. It's wonderful for middle-of-the-night feedings when you need to see what you're doing but don't want to wake Baby up too much." - Erin B.
Bumbo Seat 3 of 19
"By far the best thing my son received was his Bumbo seat. We couldn't live without it. My husband and I fed and bathed him in it and a lot of the time he would just sit in it and play on his own." - Mandi
Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Wrap 4 of 19
My husband and I loved the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe wrap. We think it was the key to helping our son sleep through the night. He would always seem to kick a blanket off when it was used the swaddle him. But, with the SwaddleMe wrap, he always seems snug and comfy. He was sleeping nearly eight hours a night (waking only once to eat) before he was 2 months old! It was a godsend!" - De'Shawna Y.
The Happiest Baby on the Block 5 of 19
"The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp is the best book ever! I am a first-time mom and found his 'Five S's' to be the best way to calm my baby and help her fall asleep." - Mary
Moby Wrap 6 of 19
"The best item I purchased was my Moby Wrap! My baby boy loves it. I tried a sling first, but he didn't like being on his back. He prefers to be upright. So, I bought a Moby and he likes being in it. He often sleeps in it for awhile during the day as well!" - Julie
Easy-Access Sleepers 7 of 19
"Sleepers with zippers and not snaps or buttons. Makes diaper changes so much easier!" - Carey S.
Portable Crib 8 of 19
"We couldn't have made it without the portable crib. We used it any time we traveled, and it was nice when visiting friends over naptime—it gave the baby a familiar place to nap. Also, we occasionally used it as a playpen when circumstances required one." - Bonnie
Vibrating Bouncy Seat 9 of 19
"The vibrating bouncing seat. This seat was wonderful. I used it until my son was about 4 months old. He would play in it (it has a bar with toys that hook on to play with), he would sleep in it (if he was tired and fighting falling to sleep, I would put him in his seat, turn on the vibrating mechanism, and sometimes sing, in no time he would be peacefully sleeping), and for a while I was feeding him his cereal in it. The best thing I liked about the seat is that I could take it anywhere easily." - Stacy S.
Diaper Genie 10 of 19
"I absolutely love my Diaper Genie! It cuts down on the smell and it really is easy to use. It keeps the room so much fresher than just using a trash can. I would recommend it to every new mom. I actually bought two: one for the nursery and one for the living room where I let the baby stay in his bassinet during the day! They are great!" - Crystal C.
Portable Booster Chair 11 of 19
"The First Years portable booster/high chair. We often visit friends that do not have kids. To tote along a big high chair would be out of the question. This seat allows my son to feel comfortable since it's 'his' chair and it saves us the inconvenience of holding our son during meals. In addition, when we go to a restaurant I at least know the chair/tray is clean and sanitized (and the chair fits in the dishwasher)!" - Julie
Video Baby Monitor 12 of 19
"A video baby monitor is a must, especially when you have a two-story house and the baby's room is upstairs. Also a must if you'll be spending some time outside (relaxing, reading, swimming) when your baby takes longer naps. I usually am the 'gotta have it' type of person when it comes to technology, but in this case, I resisted and regretted it. I should have bought the video monitor instead of the voice-only right from the beginning (now I have two)." - Grace
Maclaren Easy Traveler 13 of 19
"I am in love with the Maclaren Easy Traveler. All I do it pop the infant carrier in the slots and off we go. So easy to open and close. Has been a life saver because my 4-month-old weighs 18 pounds and is so hard to carry him without this awesome invention. It does not take up very much room either so you won't be blocking the path at the stores!" - Angelique
Wipe Warmer 14 of 19
"A wipe warmer was indispensable to us. It was only October in South Dakota and she was screaming every time we changed her diaper. I got a wipe warmer hoping it was the cold that was making her nuts and guess what, mommy knows best!" - Melissa F.
Baby Oxy Clean 15 of 19
"Baby Oxy Clean spray gets the worst poop stains out of your baby's clothes. Spray on right away and it can sit for a couple of days and it still comes out. Two big thumbs up!" - Shannon B.
Milk Powder Dispenser 16 of 19
"The milk powder dispenser (Nuby) is very convenient when you are on the go. Measure the amount of formula your child needs at each feeding and pour it into each of the three compartments. At feeding time, just turn the lid where the spout is directly over the compartment, open the lid to the spout, and pour the formula into baby's bottle that contains pre-boiled water, and shake." - Kimberly W.
Ergo Baby Carrier 17 of 19
"Out of all of the baby items I have so far I can't live without my Ergo baby carrier. With it, your hands are completely free. Baby can be worn on the front, hip, or back. There is a separate infant insert to use with a newborn up to 4 months, or until the baby has good head control and is comfortable sitting with the legs on both sides…" - Sarah
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer 18 of 19
"The most helpful item for a new mom far away from family and friends and their hands-on-advice would have to be the book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. My baby is almost 3 months and I wish I had it during pregnancy to read when I had a lot more 'me' time!" - Candice
Good Pediatrician 19 of 19
"…a good pediatrician. My son has many food allergies/intolerances and without her amazing, persistent help, we would have been left with a colicky baby that was simply allergic to dairy, soy, and nuts. Keep looking if you are not more than satisfied." - Connie
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