Best Prescription Ever!

My poor BeBe

I never thought teething could be this bad. For real.

Both of my older children dealt with teething pretty well… and so did Addie, at least when she was getting her bottom two teeth. Hyland’s teething tablets were working for her mild discomfort but we hit the point of no return in the past couple days.

Tuesday and Wednesday my husband was lucky enough to have off from work. Nice having your weekend in the middle of the week right?  Some times I hate his schedule. But not this time because Addison would only go to him. Two days of cat napping all day long on Daddy.

But today when Daddy couldn’t be her personal pillow it all boiled over — and in my typical freak out mommy meltdown — I rushed her to the doctor insisting there was something far worse than teething going on.

The fact is she has had a fever on and off for three days, and she is downright miserable.

After a trip to the doctor confirming that her two top teeth are the culprit with some mild eczema, we got some new dietary restrictions for the time being – and the best prescription I have ever gotten from a doctor in my lifetime.

Our wonderful Pediatrician ordered her to wear an Amber Teething Necklace – something I have, that I completely forgot I even had. A while back when I got some awesome Knickernappies to try out, they came with a natural Baltic Amber teething necklace which I put on her as soon as we got home.

A couple hours later she was doing much better.

While we are still battling the on-again, off-again fever which was up to 101 degrees today – she isn’t screaming nearly as much as she has been.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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