More of Vivi’s Favorite Things (To Chew On)

Nothing is safe from a teething baby's mouth.

A little over a month ago I wrote about a few of Vivi’s favorite things to chew on. A month ago there weren’t any teeth to speak of and the drool and snot were at a minimum. As of today there is one tooth, one ready to pop out and endless amounts of facial liquids. Last night involved tears and sobbing if anything touched her chin and ended with her getting a little nip of Tylenol. During the day she wears her Baltic amber teething necklace and she is far less irritable when she has it on. (Still think it’s hooey? I’m a total believer, I just ordered her another one.)

I’m willing to try anything once, especially when it carries a promise of a less miserable teething baby. Today required a long walk around the neighborhood to soothe her grumpy soul.

Thankfully I’ve found a few new things that have left me with a much more comfortable teething baby, I suggest you stock up on a couple of these before you are staring down a teething baby.

  • Molar Munchers $12.99 1 of 5
    Molar Munchers $12.99
    Horrible name, amazing product. Vivi has never taken a pacifier but she'll chew on these oddly named (and oddly shaped) hands free teethers for hours. They get to all of her gums without affecting her tongue.
    Image Credit/Available for Purchase: Molar Munchers
  • Cold Measuring Spoons 2 of 5
    Cold Measuring Spoons
    This was the magic answer with Addie, we keep one in the fridge at all times and rotate them out throughout the day.
    Image Credit:
  • RaZbaby RaZ-berry Teether $4.99 3 of 5
    RaZbaby RaZ-berry Teether $4.99
    I realized I mentioned these in my original "Vivi's Favorite things to Chew On," post but I love them that much. She chews on every part of it and I still stand by the stance that if I were teething, this is what I would want to chew on.
    Image Credit/Available for Purchase:
  • Sassy Teething Feeder $5.19 4 of 5
    Sassy Teething Feeder $5.19
    Addie hated these for some reason. Stick an ice cube in them and Vivi will be happy for as long as the ice lasts. I haven't even bothered to put food in it. This particular teether also contains a gel in the handle to keep the food cold longer and a lock that keeps the net from coming off.
    Image Credit/Available for Purchase:
  • Vuili Sophie the Giraffe $19.95 5 of 5
    Vuili Sophie the Giraffe $19.95
    Sophie has been around forever, but she made a recent resurgence in the last few years. I'll admit, $20 for a rubber giraffe? I didn't believe in the hype. But Vivi got one for Christmas and I'm on team Sophie now. (One thing I didn't know before is just how squeaky Sophie is, you've been warned.)
    Image Credit/Available for Purchase:

Here’s 10 unique Baltic amber teething necklaces.

Here’s my other list of Vivi’s favorite things to chew on.

And here’s some really cute photos of my baby,  just because.

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