The 12 Best Toys for Babies

PicMonkey CollageToys can be a great way to keep your baby entertained and help them learn new things. I had a chance to check out the Toy Fair here in New York City, which showcases the latest and greatest toys from brands all across the world.

With Avery still in the baby stage, I was on the lookout for baby toys that stood out for their educational value, uniqueness, and overall fun!

  • Chicco Music Band Table 1 of 12
    The flexibility of this music table is what makes it so great. The 3-in-1 activity table has removable musical instruments that allows this toy to go well beyond the baby years. I love that it has a a DJ console that allows your baby to scratch records just like a real DJ. The fun lights and musical sounds make it a top toy for any baby that loves music!
    Available Late 2013
  • Wonderworld Peek-a-Boo Ball 2 of 12
    This ball might look simple, but it can provide entertainment for the longest time and Avery is proof of it. As you turn the ball around, the little friendly faces play peek-a-boo from the holes in the ball. This is a fun toy that baby can roll around and crawl after or that you can roll back and forth with your baby. The toy is made with safe, non-toxic colors. And for babies like Avery who love to put everything in their mouth, the ball is saliva resistant.
    Get it from Toys R Us, $9.99
  • Tiny Love Gymini Activity Mat 3 of 12
    I saw this at Toy Fair and knew that it was worth highlighting because of the longevity of the product. Most activity mats can be used for only a short period of time, but this one can be used well beyond the baby years. The sides of the mat fold up so that your child can use it like a tent. The outside flaps have activities to keep your little one entertained. Learn numbers, play peek-a-boo with the mirror and find different animals hiding inside! This is unlike any other activity mat that I've seen and I wish it would have been around when Avery was born!
    Available Late 2013
  • B Toys Global Glowball 4 of 12
    Another great toy that can grow with your child. (It's recommended for 8 months to 8 years.) At first your baby will use it as a fun ball that glows and plays music, but once your child is older, it will help them learn each continent. The 39 songs that the ball plays are each associated to the continent that you press. Such a great toy that is both fun and educational!
    Get it from Target, $24.99
  • Haba Aircraft Swing 5 of 12
    Swings can be so much fun for babies. I love this aircraft swing that makes baby look like he's the pilot to his own airplane. It comes with straps to keep your baby securely inside and is made from a washable polyester so that you can clean up from the inevitable mess that babies are notorious for!
    Get it from Haba, $129.99
  • Playskool Learnimals Color Me Hungry Hippo 6 of 12
    This hippo is hungry and wants your little one to feed it! The Hungry Hippo is both fun and educational for your baby. "Feed" the hippo each colorful shape and watch his belly light up to the associated color. The hippo will then tell your baby the name of the shape, its color, and the food that it represents!
    Available Fall 2013
  • Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile 7 of 12
    Although not necessarily a toy that your little one can play with, I couldn't pass up showcasing this mobile. It will take your child from infant to toddler-hood. This mobile can hang on baby's crib and play soft sounds. But what separates this from other crib mobiles is the amazing projections that it displays on the ceiling of your child's room. Once your baby is older, This mobile can be used as a night light that sits on the table and projects stars onto the ceiling.
    Available April 2013
  • Playskool Rocktivity Mix N’ Crawl DJ Ball 8 of 12
    We have many of the Playskool Rocktivity toys at our house, and both my baby and toddler love them. This new Rocktivity DJ ball lets your baby play music and learn shapes when opened; when closed it turns into a fun musical ball that your baby can crawl and chase after!
    Get it from Hasbro, $21.99
  • Melissa & Doug Peek-a-boo Panda 9 of 12
    Melissa & Doug's wooden toys are top notch. Every baby loves playing peek-a-boo, and this little panda wants to play it with you! Put the hands over panda's eyes to cover them up, then uncover them to play peek-a-boo! Let your baby play her favorite game with this fun and lovable panda.
    Get it from Melissa & Doug, $7.99
  • K’s Kids Pull-back Autos 10 of 12
    Avery loves playing with cars, but many of them are intended for use at an older age. These pull-back cars are made from a plush material, which makes them safe for small hands. Simply pull them back on the floor and watch them go. Your baby will love to crawl and chase after them!
    Get it from Toys R Us, $34.99
  • Infantino Pop & Swap Gym 11 of 12
    I love this activity gym for the many ways that you can play with it. Pop out different toys to swam them with others that your baby loves to play with. The center activity area is removable and can be attached to your baby's crib or for fun playtime on the floor! With so many different ways to play, your baby will never get bored with this toy!
    Get it from Infantino, $49.99
  • Infantino Scratch and Sniff Flip Cards 12 of 12
    We all remember scratch-and-sniff stickers, but now your baby can get in on the fun. These flip cards will teach your little one colors and foods and will also let them smell some of their favorite foods like strawberries, bananas, and grapes! YUM! I had a chance to test these out at Toy Fair, and they smelled amazing!
    Available Late 2013

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