Bet On Your Baby: How Babies Could Really Get in on the TV Game Show Action

When I first learned of the new ABC game show, “Bet On Your Baby,” I was excited. As a baby blogger, I figured this could give me easy fodder every week! And then the other booty dropped: The show doesn’t actually feature babies, but toddlers.

Disappointing, but I can’t really fault the makers of the show for using “baby” in the name — “Bet On Your Toddler” just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way as “Bet On Your Baby”… the allure of alliteration is attractive, apparently.

Here’s how the show works: Boys and girls ages 2 to 3-and-a-half are given specific tasks to accomplish — kicking balls into a net, picking up toys — while the parents predict how their youngins will fare, i.e. how many balls will little Suzy kick in the goal, how many toys will Johnny pick up? The grand prize is $50,000 for college.

The way I see it, there IS a way that actual babies (and parents of babies) can get in on the action. Some ideas:

The Mystery Diaper Challenge: With their noses pinched, parents must determine what’s in junior’s diaper based on its outward appearance alone. Is it no. 1, no.2 or a mix of both? It’s pants-soiling suspense for the whole family!

Baby Boy Target Practice: Before putting on a fresh diaper, strap your baby boy to the changing table and then run for cover! Will his stream hit the wall, the crib or his own forehead? If you’ve got the right inkling for that tinkling, you’re in for great fun!

Spit-Up Russian Roulette: After a filling feeding, hand the loaded baby to his mommy, who is wearing her most expensive dress. Let mommy gently bounce the baby for 60 seconds. Will his subsequent burp be dry, or will he spew like a geyser at Yosemite? Get the answer right and win full payment of your next dry-cleaning bill! Second place winners get a bottle of club soda and some tissues.

Got your own ideas for baby version of “Bet On Your Baby?” Leave them in the comments section below. The real show, which is hosted by Melissa Peterman, premieres on ABC (which, like Babble, is owned by Disney) Saturday at 8/7c.

Photo credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

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