Beware of Big Brother

beware of big brother
Beware of Big Brother

Having 2 boys 16 months apart is CRAZY

Our 18 month old baby, Izaiah is madly in love with his new baby brother. Now that school is back in session, the older siblings aren’t around all the time to keep him busy.

So what’s Izaiah to do?  He’s decided to be the best big brother possible by helping me out with Zeke. Apparently he thinks he can mother better than me.

Beware of Big Brother

Watching Izaiah around Zeke has become a must. So much so, our new house rule is that they cannot be in the same room together unless I am holding Zeke. 


So far this week big brother has…

  • Given Zeke a bump on his head by “handing” him a plastic toy while he was in the swing.
  • Attempted to help suck Zeke’s boogers with the aspirator.
  • Placed a bottle in his crib and a blanket over his head while he was sleeping.
  • Unsnapped Zeke in the bouncy chair

And it’s only Thursday.

My poor little Zeke. My oh TOO loving Izaiah. Oh the wild life we have ahead of us.


Mom you forgot to give the baby a blanket.
"Mom you forgot to give the baby a blanket."

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