Beyonce The Breast Feeding Crusader?

I can’t help but wonder if Beyonce knew when she was nursing her daughter Blue Ivy at a New York restaurant that she would create so much breast feeding buzz?

It seems as if everyone is a-twitter with the news, but really, what’s the big deal about a mother feeding her baby?  Well, if you’re Beyonce, it apparently is a big deal and as much as annoying as I find the whole Beyonce/Jay-Z baby buzz to be, I sort of have to agree that it is a big deal.

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I could really care less what Beyonce does with her boobs, but the fact that someone of her fame is out there breast feeding in public is a good thing for nursing mamas everywhere.

I know that even as an advocate for nursing, I feel self-conscious nursing in public even though I believe that it’s a wonderful thing, so I can’t help wondering how moms who aren’t as committed to breast feeding feel about it.  Breast feeding in our society hasn’t been normalized to a point where a mom nursing at a restaurant is considered “OK” which is disappointing.  Many busy moms feel the need to nurse in public bathrooms or in their cars or even worse, just give up and use formula because their busy lifestyles require feeding baby on-the-go, which inevitably means feeding their baby’s in public and they feel like they can’t .

Hopefully Beyonce will provide a platform, however accidental, for breast feeding and get it out into the mainstream so that other women will feel comfortable to do the same and for that I applaud her.

Main photo via {US Weekly}


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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