Beyond The Sling: Mayim Bialik's New Book On (Attachment) Parenting

Many of us originally know Mayim Bialik for her hit role as Blossom. A teen star no more, Bialik is a wife (husband, Michael Stone), neuroscientist and mother to 2 boys (Miles, 7, and Frederick, 4),  who more recently has brought her acting career back to life with her role on The Big Bang Theory.

That last part? I had no idea. The Big Bang Theory whuuut? I’m so out of the pop culture loop at times. Perhaps it’s because I’m into far darker styles of TV and watch them sans commercials way after they’ve been aired on Netflix or if I really can’t wait for my fix – Apple TV.

Back to Blossom. Errrr. Bialik.

Aside from all of this she’s written a book, Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way.(Simon & Shuster). Which apparently has many parents up in arms. Specifically for her chapter on co-sleeping.

If you haven’t already heard about Attachment Parenting, it’s a very specific brand of parenting. Child-led and chock-full of baby-wearing, breastfeeding (on demand), no-nannies-no-daycare-or-else-you-suck, (which in turn means home-schooling, you betcha), answering to all cries and for heaven’s sakes — absolutely no sleep-training. That Ferber guy? And Ezzo (deep shudder)? They and Sears (founder of attachment style parenting), definitely don’t see eye to eye.

Don’t let me lead you astray. I’m actually a fan of many of the points (see the 8 ‘principles’ *slight smirk* here), a parent who believes in Attachment Parenting should follow. I just don’t agree with ALL of them, and certainly – even some of the ones I DO agree with, well these babies – they don’t give a hooey about what Dr. Sears says to do. All of these labels and theories don’t fall under their radar.

Sometimes little babies just can’t be molded into any one ideal, mirroring any exact list of rules. No matter how hard the parent(s) may try. Or, our bodies for that matter. At times they too have alternate plans from what you’d really like them to do. Like breastfeed. Not all mothers can.

I’m not into any of these new fad parenting theories that have so many all up in debate. We do what works for our family. Drawing from experience, gut instinct, love and respect for our children and each-other, pockets of research and reading – time. Not any one brand of ‘parenting’ is the holy grail.

That said, we do co-sleep. Safely. As in beds low to the floor and modest bedding. No one’s getting blasted or popping pills, all attributes to co-sleeping safely as Bialik herself testifies to.


We only co-slept for the first year with our first-born and pretty soon we’ll be making that transition with Abby. There has been many a night though, where we wind up in our king-size bed altogether, or one of us with Wyndham in his bed, and the other with Abby.

I suppose I don’t understand all of the hub-bub over co-sleeping. Safe co-sleeping that is – and there IS a difference. I’m glad that there is an intelligent and eloquent spokesperson such as Bialik, on behalf of Attachment Parenting and co-sleeping. Because it’s getting torn up to smithereens out there.

I’m just saying we’re not bed-sharing with our littles into child-hood, but it’s not because I think it’s horribly wrong and un-safe. Ya feel me?

What are your thoughts on the whole co-sleeping controversy?

Read more and watch the CTV video interview with Bialik here.

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Top Image Credit: The Toronto Star

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