Binkies At Ten Months?

The other day Huck had quite the set up going on. His bag of toys was upended (usual), his shirt was soaked through from his water bottle (usual), the carpet was full of ground-up Cheerio (usual), when I suddenly realized Huck had a mouthful of pacifier (UNUSUAL).

“Where did you find that binkie?” I asked him. I thought I’d gotten rid of the last of the binkies when it became horribly apparent that Huck had about as much interest in taking a binkie as he had in learning to read before his first birthday. Like, he was not terribly interested in it, is what I’m saying.

I would have been perfectly happy with a baby full of binkie, oh I would have been juuuust fine. They’re great for helping babies learn to self-soothe, they reduce the risk of SIDS, and they’re a great bartering tool for when they’re older (kidding, kidding). But Huck didn’t appreciate any of those stats and so, you know, life goes on.

But wait–could it be he has changed his mind?

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For about twenty minutes or so it appeared he was giving the old binkarink a second chance at life. It stayed in his mouth as he read himself a board book, it stayed in his mouth as he analyzed the fur on a teddy bear, it even stayed in his mouth as he practiced his downward dog position while humming, “MMMMMMMMMMMMM!” (look, it must be really fun, I don’t know).

And then, as suddenly as he’d picked it up, he dropped it, and went about bashing blocks together rather forcefully.

The whole thing made me wonder: If he’d wanted to keep that binkie longer, would I have let him have it? Is 10 months too late in the game for picking up a binkie habit? At this point, would a binkie be more hassle than help?

That afternoon at nap time I eyed that binkie some more. I was suspicious that it might help my baby sleep longer? But I was also suspicious that it might be like introducing crack cocaine to a, uh, crack addict. Or, well, my analogy needs work. But you get the picture.

I’ve since put the binkie away in a drawer so I don’t have to think about it anymore, but I am curious: What are your thoughts? To bink or not to bink? Is there a point at which introducing a binkie is backwards-moving? Is that 10 months? Or is it a case of “I bink, therefore I am?”

Do tell.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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