Birthday Parties For One-Year-Olds?

A few years ago I had the distinct honor and privilege to be invited to the birthday party of a co-worker’s one-year-old daughter. There was a jazz band, lots of booze, greek olives, and one very bored birthday girl in a darling pink dress. It was about the silliest thing I’d ever seen.

In the years since I told myself a birthday for a one-year-old was not in my cards. I mean, bake the kid a cake, strip him to his diaper, and let him roll around in it while you capture the thing on video, but a party? Silly silly silly.

So… I totally just finished designing the invitations for Huck’s Halloween-themed first birthday party? And I am, as they say, eating my hat. Is that what they say? I think that’s what they say.

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In my defense, and to appease my five-years-ago self, there will be no booze, no live bands, no frilly dresses (he is a boy after all), and his guest list will be comprised entirely of his baby friends. They are going to come over in their Halloween costumes, play with some toys, eat some stringy cheese and some cake that I will have decorated to within an inch of its life, I will take a million pictures, and then they’re going to skedaddle with a very well-thought out party favor. There may or may not be baby water bottles labeled “HUCK IS ONE!” I can’t make any guarantees.

But still. Still I am throwing a birthday party for my one year old.

I’m gonna be honest. I am PUMPED for it! It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m wondering how many streamers is too many streamers (answer: NO SUCH THING).

But now I have to know: Where do you fall on the one year birthday party scale? Pro like me? Against like me? Let’s hear it.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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