Blog Goes Viral When Mom Uses Adorable Baby To Spoof Classic Movie Scenes

Arthur recreates American Beauty

The Blair Witch Project.  Teen Wolf.  The Godfather.

You’ve seen the movies, but not like this.

Mom and freelance writer, Emily Cleaver, has spent the past four months recreating classic movie scenes starring her adorable baby, Arthur, as the main character.  On her blog, “Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies,” Cleaver showcases pictures of Arthur in poses inspired by her favorite movies.

Cleaver starts with a concept, gathers props, creates costumes, captures the whole thing on camera and then uploads the resulting photographs.  The casting?  Why, that’s already taken care of.  Arthur doesn’t even have to audition and nails each role every time.

Cleaver tells Huffington Post it all started when she took a photo of Arthur with a stuffed animal sticking from his stomach.

“I was playing with Arthur one day, and the “Alien” [scene] just popped into my head.” She posted the photo to Facebook, her friends loved it so she kept at it and created a blog.

Cleaver says 7-month-old Arther likes the attention.  But if he pulls a Christian Bale on the set gets fussy they just try again another day.  Cleaver says she’s looking forward to showing Arthur the photos one day.

Click through some of Arthur’s best roles below. This kid is seriously cute and the photos are laugh out loud funny!

  • Arthur Recreates… The Shawshank Redemption 1 of 7
    Arthur Recreates... The Shawshank Redemption
    Tim Robbins has nothing on this kid.
  • Arthur Recreates… American Beauty 2 of 7
    Arthur Recreates...  American Beauty
    I think this is my favorite. The expression is so great.
  • Arthur Recreates… Rambo 3 of 7
    Arthur Recreates... Rambo
    They drew first blood!
  • Arthur Recreates… The Shining 4 of 7
    Arthur Recreates...  The Shining
    Heeeere's Arthur!
  • Arthur Recreates… Jaws 5 of 7
    Arthur Recreates...  Jaws
    I can hear the Jaws theme now...
  • Arthur Recreates… Alien 6 of 7
    Arthur Recreates... Alien
    Bravo, my boy! BRAVO. I believe Arthur has beautifully captured the horror one would feel upon witnessing an alien emerge from one's stomach
  • Arthur Recreates… The Godfather 7 of 7
    Arthur Recreates...  The Godfather
    The horror! A horse head in the bed. Arthur's shock and disgust is so convincing!

All photos used with permission from Emily Cleaver. You can find Arthur and Emily and more recreations at Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies. or on Emily’s Twitter page.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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