Blueberry Picking with a Baby

Picking blueberries with baby
Picking blueberries with baby

It’s blueberry season! If you are a fan, now’s the time to start picking. Blueberries start ripening in May and continue through September.

Despite the 108 degree weather here in Texas, we successfully made the journey with 4 kids to a blueberry patch a few hours outside of Dallas in a little town called Edon. Despite the heat, we spent a good 2 hours wading thru the fields picking blueberries. All the kids had a great time, and even baby Zeke got involved in picking. 

  • Blueberry Picking 1 of 7
    Blueberry Picking
    While he really couldn't tell which ones were ripe, Zeke quickly picked up picking the blueberries. Now if he could just learn to put them in the basket, rather than throwing on the ground or eating...
  • Happy 2 of 7
    The kid is happy, even despite 100+ degree weather.
  • Blueberry Season 3 of 7
    Blueberry Season
    Blueberry season runs May through September.
  • All of Them Kids 4 of 7
    All of Them Kids
    Zeke and his brothers and sister.
  • Stroller a No Go 5 of 7
    Stroller a No Go
    Part of the blueberry fields were too hard to push the stroller thru. Bring a baby carrier!
  • Thanks Edom! 6 of 7
    Thanks Edom!
    We picked at the Blueberry Hill Farm in Edom, TX.
  • Our Loot! 7 of 7
    Our Loot!
    We picked a big barrel full of blueberries. Unfortunately we already ate them all. Next time we'll pick extra and freeze.

Zeke is a huge fan of blueberries.  Blueberries are a super food, full of fiber and vitamin C – definitely a good addition to you and your baby’s diet.

Ideas for Blueberries and Baby

  • Chop blueberries in half and feed to baby.
  • Puree and make baby food.
  • Smoothies (mix with bananas – yum!)
  • Blueberry pancakes (even my toothless baby can eat these)

Here is a great resource if you are looking for blueberry patches in your area (or any other type of fruit/vegetable):

Is Your Baby a Blueberry Fan?

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