Boobs at the Pool and Other *Things* Too.

I am going to go ahead and admit to being a boob-o-phobe before I had kids. I couldn’t even tell you why. Truly the only time I remember seeing a woman nurse was at a restaurant where she literally took out her entire boob, plopped it on the table and laid her baby across the table in front of her to have a snack. Even seeing that now would be a *bit* too much for me to handle. But hey, a baby’s got to eat and sometimes wrangling boobs and babies in a modest manner is more difficult than others.

However my friend was asked to leave the YMCA pool in Texas for breastfeeding her son at the side of the pool. The pool staff started into the whole “if breastmilk gets into the pool we’d have to decontaminate it” speech. Baloney. Finally they admitted that her feeding her son in public was making other patrons uncomfortable. (Does this mean I can complain about the twenty somethings who untie their bikini tops at the pool so as to avoid tan lines because it makes me uncomfortable (and if we’re being honest, jealous?)) Kim stated her legal rights and the WHO code to the pool director and all was set right. Then I read this story about an incident at a local pool here in Indiana. And let me tell you, a little boob juice cocktail at the side of the pool has nothing on what happened here.

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A couple was caught doing it in a local pool. A local public pool. They were asked to leave but get this, they got away with what they were doing for at least a half an hour before anyone said anything. I’m sorry, but if someone is poking their pickle around in a pool where my kid is swimming? I’m going to be very vocal about the situation as soon as I realize it’s happening. Breastfeeding women in 47 states have full legal protection to feed their babies anywhere where they are allowed to be. While I don’t know the specifics? I highly doubt that making babies in public is a legal right anywhere. And yet the patrons stood by dumbfounded yet no one had a problem asking a breastfeeding mother to move it to the bathroom.

Kim said she’s never going to understand why some people are uncomfortable with breastfeeding, and a a former boob-o-phobe I couldn’t tell you exactly why I was uncomfortable with it. But babies have to eat. And women were given boobs to do just that if they choose to/are able to. There are some people who really need to unclench on the whole topic of breastfeeding and be a little more clenchy on the topic of public fornication. Because in the pool? Really? Ew.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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