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You know how every once in a while a company comes along and you want to own absolutely everything they make? For my father in law it’s Chevy, he’ll take the Camaro in red, the Truck in grey, and a Traverse in black. For Addie it’s Barbies, for my dad it’s Apple products and for Vivi and me? It’s Boon. There were a few boon products here and there when Addie was little but not nearly the amount of cool stuff there is today. I cruised the aisles of Buy Buy Baby yesterday and joked later on twitter that I bought bought everything. It seemed as though every corner I turned there was yet ANOTHER product by Boon that I either put in my cart, stood there declaring “THEY DIDN’T HAVE THIS WHEN I HAD BABIES!”, or having a stern talk with myself “Casey, you came here for outlet covers. Put the protective bowl covers back.”

Part of the reason it was so hard to resist so many of the products is because we already own a few and they live up to every expectation I have of them and beyond. This isn’t sponsored and I paid for all these products myself, this is me just being wildly passionate about a baby/kid brand that makes really cool stuff really well.

Boon also gives back to children’s charities worldwide, in fact 10% of all profits go right to a children’s charity. Right on. RIGHT ON.

  • boon FLO 1 of 7
    boon FLO
    The boon Flo is a faucet cover (the lower lip is soft silicone), waterfall maker and bubble bath dispenser all in one. It snapped right over our existing faucet with nary a struggle while still leaving access to the shower popper upper.
    Available from Boon for $17.99
  • boon FLO and DIVE 2 of 7
    boon FLO and DIVE
    I no longer have to worry about Vivi bonking her head on the hard metal faucet and she can actually hang out in the tub as it fills since the water now comes out as a gentle relaxing flow rather than a gush of torrential downpour. See those cute toys? We'll get to those next.
    Toys available from Boon $10.99 for a set of 10
    Flo spout available from Boon for $17.99
  • boon DIVE 3 of 7
    boon DIVE
    Sold in sets of ten and available in 3 different patterns (dive-sea life, trace-abstract shapes, and trap-bugs) these little toys float, stick and are easy to grasp.
    Available from Boon $10.99 for a set of 10
  • boon DIVE 4 of 7
    boon DIVE
    What's better is that these toys don't absorb water, so there's no threat of them turning black, slimy and moldy (which is exactly why Vivi has no hand me down bath toys from Addie.)
    Available from Boon $10.99 for a set of 10
  • boon GRASS and STEM 5 of 7
    boon GRASS and STEM
    Whatever could that cute thing be? Grass with quirky little flowers? Why yes, yes it is. But it gets better, that right there is a bottle drying rack. The best looking one out there.
    Available from Boon - Grass $17.99 Stems $5.99 each
  • boon GRASS and STEM 6 of 7
    boon GRASS and STEM
    The boon grass and stems hold up our sturdy glass bottles and all their tiny little parts allowing them all to dry while staying clean, cute and tidy.
    Available from Boon - Grass $17.99 Stems $5.99 each
  • boon SPOON 7 of 7
    boon SPOON
    When I'm not making my own baby food I'm carrying around pouches of Plum Organics baby food. They're super simple to pack up, unbreakable, recyclable, organic, BPA free, and even better? Boon designed this nifty spoon that screws right onto the end of the pouch negating the need for a bowl. Need to feed a baby in a stroller at an older sibling's gymnastics class? Just bring a bib, a pouch and a spoon. (The spoons come in a nifty little carrying case so when you're all done you can pack it back away without getting smooshed bananas all over everything else in your bag.)
    Available from Boon and compatible with Plum Organics pouches. $4.99 for a set of 2

If you’re looking for spectacular baby shower gifts? I highly recommend all of the above and just about anything else Boon makes.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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