Breast Feeding Is a Bummer

Breast feeding is hard.

It is hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  If a magical fairy showed up at my doorstep tomorrow and said, “You never have to breast feed again and your baby will magically get your breast milk and all the nutrition, immunity and awesomeness that goes along with it.  BUT…in order for this to happen, you have to go through labor and birth again.” I would without hesitation give birth again in a heartbeat.

I don’t say this to be negative, but rather to be realistic.  I wish I’d realized just how difficult breast feeding could be before I was thrust into it.  Apparently I should’ve spent a little less time reading about birth and a little more time reading about breast feeding, because I’ve definitely had my challenges.

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Because Fern was born brow first, she had difficulty latching in the beginning.  Everything was a little bit squished and her neck was a sore, so nursing took some extra work. It’s gotten better, but now her suck isn’t quite right and I have low milk supply.

I’ve met with three different lactation consultants and am on a regimen that includes nursing on demand, syringe feeding Fern donor breast milk and pumping after every feeding.  I’m also taking a tincture that is a combination of fennel seed, fenugreek and blessed thistle along with drinking Mother’s Milk tea three times a day.  I’m also currently feeding Fern with an SNS system using the donor milk (basically taping the tubing from the syringe I feed her with to my breast).

On top of all of these things, they think Fern may be tongue tied, which will require a frenectomy to help with her suck.  My milk supply is still low after all of the supplements as well, so I’m also considering having my placenta encapsulated, since many people report having dramatic results from this.

I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle right now.  I know it will get better (at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me), but right now it’s hard to know that I’m putting in all this effort and Fern is still struggling to gain weight.  *Sigh*.  I don’t mean to be a whiny mom, but sometimes I just need to vent and this feels like a safe place to do that.  Where better than the company of other mamas to vent about your struggles?

Thanks for listening.  I needed that.


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