Breastfeeding At The Ballpark

Baby's first baseball game!

We took Cullen to his first baseball game this weekend!  It’s amazing how much more work goes into carting along an extra 17lbs along on our weekend adventures.  I was prepared with a fully stocked diaper bag, comfy Ergo for snuggling, sun hat for protection – the works.  The only thing I couldn’t bring with us was extra food, since Mr. Cullen still refuses to eat from a bottle.

I knew I was going to have to feed him mid-game, so I did a little research ahead of time to figure out my options.  I was thrilled to discover something I never imagined I would find…

Prior to going I was picturing myself sitting in a noisy corner of the stadium, wrestling a distracted baby onto my boob and trying for dear life to hold onto my nursing cover at the same time.  With this image in my head, I figured it was worth checking on the Safeco Field website to see if they had any private restrooms or other options.  I was shocked to see that they had something even better – a nursing lounge!

Located right next to guest services, I opened the door not really knowing what to expect inside.  I walked in to find a little (sound proof – hallelujah!) room filled with cozy lounge and rocking chairs, changing tables, and other nursing and smiling moms enjoying the peace and privacy.  Consider my mind blown.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve had to nurse Cullen in the car or in a public bathroom so many times, but I was truly amazed at how hospitable the ballpark was to nursing moms.  I sat and fed him while talking to other moms about our babes, and enjoyed a cozy 20 minutes away from craziness where Cullen could just relax and focus on eating.

There are a lot of reasons I love my city, but one is how incredibly supportive and helpful so many city resources are for families.  Knowing that our ballpark has a nursing lounge available makes me much more likely to go to more games this summer – if only I can get Cullen more used to the cheers of the crowd!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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