Bring on the Pain: More Ways Your Infant Can Injure You

Studs may be the safest bet when wearing earrings around grabby babies.
Studs may be the safest bet when wearing earrings around grabby babies.

Torn earlobes. Why didn’t I think of torn earlobes? The omission makes me want to kick myself, but I’m sure if I wait long enough, one of my two precious children will do it for me, literally.

About two weeks after I posted my blog,  “7 Ways Your Infant Can Injure You,” The New York Times got wise to the issue too…and lo and behold, they dug up even more ways your little bundle can cause you a bundle of pain.

Most of the story focused on toddlers, but they gave a shout-out to “bobble-headed babies” and I can certainly imagine a hard-headed, head-butting infant causing any of the following:

  • concussion
  • chipped teeth
  • nasal fractures
  • cut lips

And then, of course, there are our vulnerable earlobes; torn earlobes was another injury listed in the Times story. As a work-at-home mom, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve donned earrings in the last six months, so Scrunchy Face has never really had the opportunity to give my dangly gems a swift yank. (I’m sure he’s quite disappointed.)

But back in the old days when I’d rush in the door after work and press baby Saucer Face to my nursing chest, there were definitely instances when his grabby little fingers came into contact with the shiny things on my ears.

I was lucky. He was a strong baby, but he could never quite pull hard enough to tear my earlobes. Maybe I just have super-strong earlobes…jealous?

Fortunately, there is some common sense advice for those with weaker lobes: take off the dangly stuff or wear studs instead!

That’s probably a more workable solution than another, more general piece of advice mentioned in the article: Get more sleep.

“A well-rested parent will be more alert and more physically able to dodge the kick,” Debra S. Holtzman, author of “The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety and Healthy Living,” told the newspaper.

Exactly how overwhelmed parents of young kids can get more rest may be a riddle for the ages, though this could also be a case of the problem delivering its own solution: Need to pass out for a few hours? Just wait for your kid to give you (another) kick in the head.


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