Bulldog Steals Baby Kisses — and They Both Steal Our Hearts

It doesn’t seem to matter how long your baby has kept you up at night or how loud their cry is, there is something about them that is just insanely cute. I know that one minute I can be frustrated that Silver won’t allow me to put him down and feel all the feels from being touched out — then the next minute he smiles. All that frustration goes out the window because — hello, baby smiles are cute.

There isn’t much that can rival the cuteness of babies except when you put a baby human together with a baby animal. When Silver was first born, our kitten Gmork was still a relatively small kitten and he showed adorable interest in this new human. He cuddled right up to him (with our supervision, of course — cats are weird), and the cuteness exploded. I hope they’re able to keep the loving bond that I saw then, but I know it’s rare.

So, since I consider them rare, when I see videos being posted on YouTube of adorable babies with equally adorable animals — I can’t say “no” to watching them. This latest one, uploaded by YouTube user — does not disappoint in the cute factor. Give it a watch!

h/t: The Huffington Post

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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