But… I Don't Consider Myself Crunchy

Are you offended by Stereotyping?

Before my oldest son was born I was what some would consider a pretty “soggy” parent in terms of the “crunchy” or natural parenting community. Over the years I have really changed a ton and essentially became what many would consider “crunchy.”

The problem is… I don’t really classify myself as a crunchy parent. I really don’t classify myself in any category as a parent. I just call myself… a parent.

I often get offended when people try and classify my style.  Lazy parent, relaxed, laid back, crunchy, helicopter, tiger mom… come on! We are all just freaking parents. Why do we have to put labels on it? Labels which are sometimes offensive or hurtful!

I don’t like to be the preachy type, but seriously I think the vast majority of parents are out here busting their asses doing the best they can for their kids. No one is purposely trying to put their kid in danger. At least someone in their right mind!

But back to the point.

We do a lot of the same things crunchy families would do. But I just don’t classify myself as crunchy — and I think most who know me wouldn’t either.

  • We Breastfeed 1 of 9
    We Breastfeed
    Almost 11 months and we are still going strong with no end in sight.
    I don't mind at all because boobs are free... although I would really love to sleep through the night one of these days...
    I really don't care when she decides to wean!
  • We Cloth Diaper 2 of 9
    We Cloth Diaper
    I don't know why... I am sure it has to do with the fact that we were totally sick of buying diapers or running out.
    But honestly I think about 80% of my reasoning is how damn adorable they are on the kids!
    They totally outweigh diaper covers.
  • We Use Eco-Friendly Products 3 of 9
    We Use Eco-Friendly Products
    I try to use as many Eco-Friendly products as we can.
    Unfortunately many of them are just too damn expensive!
    Even eating organic all the time for a family our size and in our income level is unrealistic!
  • We Eat Fast Food 4 of 9
    We Eat Fast Food
    Addie loves herself some grilled cheese and french fries.
    Of course I am not going to let her live on it, but I am not going to exclude it from her - or the other kids diet.
    Being healthy is about moderation!
  • We Use Homeopathic Remedies 5 of 9
    We Use Homeopathic Remedies
    When the kids get sick we use Hyland's products or whatever the pediatrician calls for.
    In the past we have used garlic drops for ear infections!
    Another reason I absolutely love our pediatrician!
  • We Don’t Homeschool 6 of 9
    We Don't Homeschool
    The older kids don't stay home - they go to a school/daycare center outside the home.
    I need a break, they need some time around other kids and adults, and honestly I have no desire to home school them at all.
    More power to the parents who are saints and do home school!
  • We Question Vaccinations 7 of 9
    We Question Vaccinations
    Do you question vaccines, their ingredients and the heavy schedule they have for kids under a year old?
    We do!
  • We do Sweets! 8 of 9
    We do Sweets!
    I have a sweet tooth... and so does my husband.
    Again... moderation is key!
    But cupcakes are amazing!
  • We Eat Out 9 of 9
    We Eat Out
    Not essentially fast food... but we go out to eat frequently.
    I am not a good cook at all... AT ALL!
    I enjoy good food... which I cannot make.
    You do the math!

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